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    SCADA Lite Will Save Your Oil Now

    Every industry, or system, needs a managing head. Let it be even the smallest grain of salt to the largest industry of entertainment. Every action being taken is to be monitored by an authority to ensure discrepancy.

    Such is the case for the oil industry as well. The managing and monitoring are done by Scada Lite. They are the monitoring system for oil wells. Managing the sales and getting the real data when required.

    SCADA Lite Will Save Your Oil Now

    What Are Oil Wells?

    Before we come to this question, we must first know where we get oil from. Firstly, the oil being mentioned here is not the one we see on the kitchen counters. These are the larger oil tanks, drilled deep into the sea and ocean beds. The fossil fuels are converted to oil under immense pressure due to the water above and this oil is used as a source of energy.

    Frankly, oil wells are for bringing natural gas and oil to the surface of Earth from the ocean beds. Since the well has to reach into the deepest depths of the ocean/sea, there are special types of equipment called the drilling rig bores. The only purpose of these bores is for drilling in water beds.

    How Do Oil Wells Work?

    Since their function is to bring petroleum products and bi-products to the surface of Earth, that is exactly what they do. The wells are built such that they are right above the reservoirs. Depending on the type of well constructed, the method used for bringing the oil up would be different.

    Where conventional wells do not yield enough oil, horizontal wells are used. They are drilled almost horizontally into a reservoir. The yield is much more than vertical wells as they hit the target and stimulate the reservoir.

    Most wells are drilled on-shore. But there are certain oil wells, known as off-shore wells, that are drilled in the middle of the water body, away from any shore. They are advantageous as they allow us to access reservoirs further into the ocean beds. 

    What Do Scada Lite Do Here?

    SCADA - Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition. As the name suggests, they are in charge of supervisory control over certain industries. They also acquire real-time data of required assets. 

    The main function of Scada Lite is to manage the industries and help them with their industrial products. In the oil industry, oil being drilled out is what they deal with. They acquire data about the oil and provide it to the companies. The company/individual are then able to make decisions based on the data acquired.

    The system is equipped with smart sensors. These sensors can also help industrialists with real-time functioning as well. Not just data, but they can also detect when something is wrong with the product. There will be an immediate prompt issued which can be acted upon authority in charge.

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