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    Top 3 Reasons Why WordPress Is the Good Platform for SEO

    What is Word Press? This is web publishing software. It can be used to create blogs, attract visitors and drive conversion from the posts produced for the sites or even bloggers as well.

    What is SEO? SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is the process of improving the quality and quantity of web traffic to the web page from search engines.

    Why WordPress Is the Good Platform for SEO

    Categories of People Who Use Word Press

    Different people from all over the world use this web publishing program for different reasons:

    • The Freelancer: 

    No matter what career you are in; teacher, pastor, composer, or developer, you can set up your portfolio using Word Press as the base of your operations and showcase your work. Your potential customers will find you through your Word Press website and work with you.

    • The Blogger:

    Word Press began as blogging software thus making it the best and most efficient for blogging. It made a name for itself in the ages of blogging.

    • The Editor:

    When building a website for online publication, Word Press is one of the best sites to employ. With amazing news and magazine themes; one’s publication will be up and running in no time.

    • The Networker:

    personnel can build a social network of their own with social networking plugins like Buddy Press and Peepso. It can offer a great opportunity for people in the same niche, such as chess players, to come together and socialize. 

    • The Merchant: 

    selling products online can be made easier through a Word Press site. The company behind Word Press has acquired one of the biggest plugins in e-commerce and made accessible beautiful and useful themes for the consumer.

    • The Project Manager: 

    using the numerous plugins geared for a project manager; for example, Project Panorama, one can improve their productivity and that of their team for the good of their projects.

    The Following are the Top Three Reasons Why Word Press is the Best Platform for SEO

    • It is a Free Web Publishing Platform

    The Word Press is open-source software. It comes with the freedom to modify, use, build upon and redistribute without paying any cash. This is the greatest advantage as it makes it available to every person and can be geared for every type of need. 

    Some people may think that having a free platform application is not competitive enough. But if you look at the sheer quantity and quality in productivity and creativity with Word Press; this is attributed to its open-source nature. The license is published under General Public License GPL making it free to download and edit. 

    • Flexibility to Every User

    The platform is very easy to use. Once your site is designed, developed, and complete; it’s very easy to add new pages, posts, copy images, and more. A quick training session equips one with the basic add or edit content skills on the site. 

    With Word Press, one can create any type of website they desire. Once one has created the page, they want with just a click of a button, the content is ready to go live on the web. You are free to make your content public or private, and posts are secured with a password. 

    • Adaptable to Changing Needs

    The web publication management system makes it easy to configure your site to the latest release in web publishing technology. Engaging with visitors, making timely updates, and creating content can be as adaptable as 1-2-3. Word press makes it easy for bloggers to keep fresh content on their sites, thanks to its working mechanism of timely updates.

    Ensure you always update your Word Press platform to recent software releases, including plugins, so that your site is adapting to the needs of the present. 

    Every update comes with new and improved features to improve the user experience. 

    Other Advantages of Word Press as a Content Management System

    • Even if one does not find the customized template they desire, the available templates are many and varied in design. 
    • Word Press plugin extends and expands the functionality of the platform. There are over 40000 plugins from which you can choose from.
    • The software has a built-in SEO that can easily be integrated into all pages of your site. It allows for throwbacks and pingbacks. You can tag all content and create a custom keyword-rich URL.
    • Customization of sites is allowed and can be done by experienced developers. 
    • The software gets frequent updates and security flaws are fixed quickly. New features are launched on the site now and then. The plugins and themes are also updated regularly. 
    • The software has a massive user base that is a big community. It holds a 60 % market share of content management systems. This means 75 million websites all over the world are built on Word Press. 
    • Word Press features 40 international language translations and continues to add even more.

    Word Press is so famous because of the above discussed top three reasons. It is open-source and free, easy to develop and deploy, and continuously is supplied with updates and numerous plugins.

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