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    Pros and Cons of Climate Controlled Self Storage Units

    Often you may find yourself looking for a storage unit to keep your extra stuff. Along with other factors, finding a storage unit near to the house offers easier access. When you decide about renting a storage unit outside the home, certain aspects need your consideration. It includes price, location, security, but most of all, the impact of temperature on your stuff. Having your belongings in a storage unit does not guarantee that they are safe from all the climatic effects. 

    Thus, be very careful about winter and summer because many of your belongings might be sensitive to temperature changes. The extreme temperature and humidity may adversely impact your items in storage. 

    When you look at the storage unit options out there, you will mainly find two options; temperature-controlled storage vs. standard storage. Both have their pros and cons. But before diving into them, let's know more about each storage option. 

    Pros and Cons of Climate Controlled Self Storage Units

    Climate controlled storage:

    As the name implies, they are temperature-controlled units (heating and cooling systems) depending upon the climate. The storage unit does not go below the freezing point, even in freezing climates. Whereas in summers, the temperature remains optimal too. 

    Standard storage units:

    Standard storage units are very convenient options, especially those close to your vicinity, and offer indoor and outdoor locations. They are affordable; however, the items might be prone to extreme humidity and temperature. 

    Climate control storage unit near me? Did you browse storage near me? Climate controlled self storage near me? While looking for storage units, try to make an informed decision. Look for all the storage options, and check the list of items you need to store. If your belongings items' list includes electronics, furs, books, artwork, and the likes, then prefer climate-controlled self-storage units over the standard ones. However, they are also not without some cons, but their pros may gravitate you towards them. 

    Pros of a Climate Controlled Self Storage Units

    • Your belongings are safe from elements

    In climate-controlled storage, you can rest assured that your valuable belongings are safe from the impact of extreme weather. Whether it is intense summer or freezing winter, the humidity or the dryness do not impact your stuff. Mold and mildew can grow in damp conditions hurting the items. Still, when the unit is temperature regulated, these organisms cannot grow and impact your stuff.

    • Offering enhanced security for your stuff

    One of the reasons for keeping your belongings in storage units is secure keeping. In the case of climate-controlled storage units, most of the storage units are inside the buildings. Thus, they are away from the outside world and offer more security. 

    • Temperature regulated storage units often have electricity

    Apart from the heating and cooling system inside the storage, many of the facilities also offer electricity. It is beneficial if you spend time inside the unit to sort and organize things. You can comfortably work under proper light and visibility. 

    • Inside units are cleaner

    As climate-controlled storage units are inside the buildings, they are cleaner than the outside units. They are away from dust and dirt that can seriously damage furniture in the storage. You can check the right website.

    Cons of a Climate Controlled Self Storage Units

    • A little higher cost

    When you demand extra services, paying a little additional goes without saying. You will pay more than what you pay for standard storage with temperature protection for your belongings in the unit. 

    • They are open at certain hours

    Having a storage unit inside the building is beneficial for security and cleanliness purposes. Often you don't get to have the opportunity to access your vault at any time you want because the management unlocks the building units at specific hours only. 

    • Contingent to what you need to put in them

    Climate-controlled units are as helpful as the nature of your belongings. If your belongings are not sensitive to temperature, you may not require them after all. Choosing them over others may be an incremental cost rather than a necessity. Thus, their choice highly depends on the nature of your processions. 


    When searching for a storage unit, you can pay  close attention to all the pros and cons mentioned above. It is indispensable to know all the ins and outs before making a decision. Due to the impact of temperature and your belongings going bad under polarized weather, climate-controlled self-storage units are preferable over the standard ones. These units have both pros and cons; however, when it comes to safety and proper upkeep of your belongings, the pros weigh more than cons. 

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