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    How to Earn Money By Playing Games as a Professional Gamer

    Nothing is more pleasurable than your passion is your livelihood. But some of us cannot be so lucky in this regard. Being clear, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make a buck out of your passion, though. 

    If you are the one who can’t make your passion the main source of your earnings, it could always be a side gig. The same goes for gaming. Have you ever wondered that you could make a successful side-gig out of it?

    I bet you didn't. Well, now you can surely make it! 

    Many of us just play games to pass time and to have fun. Plus, the ones who are passionate about it spend a lot on getting the perfect equipment to have an immersive gaming experience. Some become experts in their gaming and win most of their games. If you find yourself spending a lot of time doing this, though, it’s high time you start to think about making money out of it.

    How to Earn Money By Playing Games as a Professional Gamer

    Can e-gaming be considered part of sports?

    E-gaming has earned the status of professional gaming. Hence, it has become like other sports and is accepted as a proper sport to come close to mainstream sports. Moreover, the universities also give it importance as they provide scholarships to e-gamers. So, e-athletes or e-gamers have the opportunity to earn money just like any other sportsmen and women.

    Where to begin?

    Playing games on computers is what everyone knows in this advanced decade of computers. However, a big question is whether this skill can be used for earning or not. Well, you definitely can earn by playing computer games just like YouTubers. You can build a platform for yourself where you can do anything related to e-gaming and attract traffic towards yourself. It will not be long before other people and companies would reach out to you for advertisements. This way, you can convert your otherwise termed as useless time into a very productive one by playing games, enjoying your leisure time, and building some retirement fund.

    There are many other ways as well. Let’s explore them.

    Different ways to earn money being a professional gamer

    Being a professional gamer provides you the advantage of earning some extra amount of money in many ways. 

    Starting one's own YouTube channel:

    Almost everyone has turned to YouTube during the lockdown. It has become the most sought-after recreation and means of earning. You can also make use of this platform to fully put your skills to use. First, you’ll need to open your own YouTube channel. You can then choose to do something that you are better at than others. For example, you can play games, record, and upload them. Or you can simply create a channel where you can react to how other people play the games. 

    Another interesting way would be to teach others. You can make videos for beginners to give them a walkthrough for their favorite games provided you are an expert yourself. One way of doing it would be to record some levels and do a voice-over so that you can show them how to clear different levels. You can also review others' games as well. This can also bring a lot of traffic to your channel. Last but not the least, live streaming can also help attract people to your channel and if your ratings ascend, you are ready to earn extra cash immediately. 

    Playing in competitions:

    Playing in competitions may not be an easy task. You can only opt for this if you are absolutely sure that you have exceptional skills when it comes to playing games such as Call of Duty, League of Legends, Fortnite, etc. These games require professional skills to get through. If you can enter and play to excel in them, you can definitely earn a fortune.  

    The procedure of registering on an app or a site for playing these professional games is sometimes free and sometimes requires you to pay a certain amount of money. Once you get registered, you can either opt for playing solo games or you can create a team of friends to go for multiplayer games. 

    Your earning starts when you start winning the games. The more you succeed, the more points you achieve. If you manage to gain enough points (as per the limit of a particular site), you can earn cash prizes even. For getting the cash you have earned you can use different means like PayPal or Google Pay. 

    Developing new games:

    Being a professional player would also mean that you would know different flaws of the games besides playing them. Hence, you can work on those games and create newer, better versions. Then. you can sell them to the interested companies. You would be surprised to know that the game ‘Minecraft’ was developed by an individual, named Markus Perrson and sold to Microsoft for billions. 

    For developing games, however, you would need to have a great amount of skill and programming knowledge.

    Become a game tester: 

    When companies create new games, they need people who have knowledge and expertise in game playing to test their games in a real player environment. Being a tester, it would be your job to spot bugs and also provide suggestions on how to improve the game.  

    As far as getting benefits of earning money is concerned, this is as good as a full-time job. Hence, you can rest assured that even if you are not doing any other work, you can have the peace of mind of earning a handsome amount. 

    Joining an e-sports team:

    When you reach a level where you consider yourself to be a good e-gamer, you can register yourself as an e-sports player. Then, you can bring improvement in your gaming skills by concentrating on a single game and get the top ranking in it. 

    Once you excel in a particular game, you can compete in tournaments and earn even more cash. The games that are considered as the best ranking games for e-sports teams are Dota 2, Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Starcraft II, and Fortnite.

    Money Earning Platforms for E-gamers 

    Money Earning Platforms for E-gamers

    Most of the platforms where you play games provide you with virtual cash only. However, if you research thoroughly, you can come across several that give you the opportunity to earn real cash. These platforms can be websites or apps. The mode of payments that you can use include PayPal or credit cards. Payments are a prerequisite to enter the tournament and then you can play to win cash. 


    You can access The GamerSaloon platform via the website or an app. It provides you with an opportunity to either play solo or as a team. Plus, you can enter the existing tournaments if you want or you can create your own tournaments as per your preference. 

    Initially, when you join, you have to make a user account and also deposit some amount of money. Usually, the money that is taken as a deposit is the fee for entering the tournaments that you desire to compete in. The games available on this platform include Halo, Call of Duty, NBA2K20, Madden NFL 20, etc. When you win cash, it can be transferred either in the form of a cheque or through PayPal.

    Players’ Lounge:

    Another platform is the Players Lounge that is also available on a website or an app. Here also, you can enter the different tournaments, win and earn money. One advantage here is that initially, the first tournament you enter would be free but later on, you would need to deposit some amount to continue. 

    This platform provides games such as Madden, NBA 2K, Fortnite, Call of Duty, FIFA, etc. The mode of cash payment is through a credit card, PayPal, or bitcoins. 

    XY Gaming:

    XY Gaming is a huge platform that has been a host to up to 16000 tournaments and 12.5million games have been played on it up till now. This platform offers games like League of Legends, Dota 2, and Smite. The e-gamers can enter tournaments and play games to win cash prizes. 

    In XY Gaming, there are three different levels. At the first level, you can enter the tournaments for free and you can also win cash prizes. The second level is termed 50/50. Here, you need to reach among the top half of the players in order to win cash. At the third level “Double up”, the entry fee is doubled. 

    Which equipment do you need to become a successful e-gamer? 

    In order to become a successful e-gamer and earn cash, you require not only special skills but also relevant equipment. The right gaming gear can not only enhance your gaming experience but also help you in attaining the fundamental skills to excel in the games you play. Then for sure, you are going to earn that extra amount of cash you have been aiming for. 

    The point to ponder here is that would it be sensible to invest in the equipment without even getting started with the gaming or earning cash. Nonetheless, provided you have confidence in your skills, you can upgrade your gaming gear to start the e-gaming and earn cash. 

    CPU -- Your PC needs to have the relevant features like graphics card, RAM, and coolers in order to maintain the temperature of the PC. 

    Gaming Monitor -- A gaming monitor is a necessity when it comes to playing professional games as you cannot compromise on the effects when the immersive games are being played. You need to have the perfect image and video quality, varying viewing angles, wonderful color combinations, contrast ratio, refresh rate, and response time. For enjoying an incredible gaming experience, you can get the best gaming monitor under 500.

    Gaming Headset -- Another essential gear is a gaming headset. You must have a good gaming headset that has immersive surround sound headphones for providing exceptional audio quality during long gaming sessions. Moreover, a headset that has a microphone for transmitting crisp and clear sound to your teammates while playing is what you should look for.

    Gaming Chair -- If the chair that you sit in while you play is not comfortable, it can drastically affect your performance while you are playing games. Also, when you are aiming for earning cash, it is important to look for a gaming chair that has a comfy seat, lumbar support, armrest, height, and swivel adjustment. Your long gaming sessions would never be tiresome at all if you get yourself the right gaming chair for yourself.

    Gaming Laptop -- In case you are a passionate gamer but you are also constantly on the move for business or pleasure, you need a gaming laptop. This will help you in staying connected to the tournaments you are logged in to and not miss out on any important events or tournaments that are being held. 

    For a gamer who is passionate about his gaming, there is a huge possibility that you are already equipped with the required gear and won’t have to buy anything new. You can go for an upgrade if required. 

    The first and the foremost thing is you need to earn an extra bit of cash. In case you already have some equipment that can get you through the initial period of the tournaments, you should aim for earning some cash. Later you can invest the money earned through gaming for upgrading your gaming gear. 

    When companies create new games, they need people who have knowledge and expertise in game playing to test their games in a real player GGServers environment. Test your game at minecraft server hosting.


    Nowadays, professional gamers earn huge amounts of money just by playing e-games. Some have even taken it up as a full-time job rather than a side gig. Anyhow, if you want to get into e-sports and earn an extra bit of cash, you must make sure you have the necessary skills and the right gear to dive into this electrifying electronic experience. Once you have ensured you are ready to go ahead after checking your gear, your gaming sessions would be easy and enjoyable. 

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