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    10 Best Romance Novels for Adults

    Romance novels are perhaps the best-selling books in significant book stores; otherwise, those would be empty. The fairy tales and ballads are what give us all hope that there is a knight in shining armor coming to our rescue. They provide us with hope and entertainment to spice up our lives.

    Love tales in print media awaken all the five senses. While we read, we get to see the scenery, feel the atmosphere, hear all the sounds, taste the edible, smell everything described, and even imagine touching the textures. The best romance novels use descriptive language to make you fall in love with the characters so that you do not want to put the book down.

    The best authors have brought their texts to life, making readers all over the world crave for more. Sure, these romance texts are in millions, if not billions, so what are the creme de la creme romance novels? 

    Read on to find out so that you can add reading romance as a hobby on the best online dating sites you just joined. It gives you an edge! Top adult romance books? Best adult romance novels? Here are the 10 Best Romance Novels for Adults. Read on to find out!

    10 Best Romance Novels for Adults

    10 Best Romance Novels for Adults

    1.  Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë 1847

    This piece is a classic considered one of the firsts in the romance novels genre. It was the best romance novels for adults. During its release in the 19th century, a lot to do with love and sexualism was under wraps.  And so its debut was a groundbreaking and unexpected read. Charlotte Brontë wrote of the character, Jane, who had developing feelings towards her boss, Mr. Rochester.

    This masterpiece stirs up mixed emotions as one part, Mr. Rochester, who was married, by the way, lost his sight but later regained it. In the end, Jane reunited with her beloved and was blessed with a son. All that is just a bit that should get you intrigued, are you?

    2.  It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover 2016

    We all do love stories with descriptive beginnings, and here is where Lily Bloom comes in. She came from an abusive past and at one time fell in love with a homeless boy while only fifteen. But that was her past life, fast forward; she is now twenty-three and owns a flower store in Boston.

    As the new girl in town, she meets Ryle Kincaid, a good-looking neurosurgeon, and she somehow manages to get past his 'no dating' rule. The story gets more intriguing when an old flame resurfaces, and everything she has had with the neurosurgeon faces tribulation. Talk about a romantic dilemma!

    3.  Like Lovers Do by Tracey Livesay 2019

    Friends to lovers romance books? When friends become lovers, a slow burn is bound to happen, but this writer spiced things up with sensuality and mystery. Dr. Nicole fakes a relationship with her best friend Ben to chase away an obsessive ex, but that relationship turned into a passionate union none saw coming.

    Livesay gives her characters so many relatable stories that make you feel like you know the two. The read is relatable, making you more curious as you go sparking an undying interest to find out more about the characters; do they end up together or not is the question!

    4.  Indigo by Beverly Jenkins 1996

    After suffering child slavery, Hester becomes a free woman in Michigan and becomes a caregiver on the Underground Railroad. One fateful night, Galen Vachon, popularly known as Black Daniel, is put under her care. 

    Galen was a strikingly handsome man but had arrogant tendencies, but that did not block the sparks that flew while he was under Hester's care. Jenkins's description of this epic romance is magical and mesmerizing; you might have to read to experience it.

    5.  The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory 2018

    Admit it; proposals are adorable. Well, this one had the same plan, but a big no was the answer. Why? One reason is that the guy could not get her name right! Would you marry such a lad? We bet not. Anyway, Nik's boyfriends had the proposal at a Dodgers game, and guess what; the video of the failed request went viral. Carlos, a good-looking doctor, was the knight in shining armor that came to the rescue; could he be the one?

    6.  Bet Me by Jennifer Cruise 2005

    This story follows two love birds, Calvin and Minerva. The lady is a hopeless romantic with naive beliefs that true love is a fairy tale, and so knowing this, he asked her to go out to win a bet he made with her ex. He thought he had the upper hand, but she knew and used it for her gain. So who wins this bet?

    7.  Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh 2006

    This romantic novel involves Sascha and Lucas, who are on two opposing sides of a race war. Sascha belongs to Psy and Lucas the Changeling. The Psy perceives desire as a weakness, and so Lucas is on a quest to invoke desire from Sascha, a sensation she has grown to know is forbidden and taboo. The chase was the most exciting part of the romantic novel.

    8.  The Hating Game by Sally Thorne 2016

    The opposite of love is not hatred; it is indifference. Well, this story starts by highlighting two co-workers who hated each other's guts. Lucy Hutton and Joshua Templeman have sworn enemies at work. And this hatred amplified while they started competing for the same promotion. It's a romance novel, so you can only imagine what happened next. 

    9.  Vision in White by Nora Roberts 2009

    As the first in the four collections, this piece describes a wedding photographer Mac Elliot and Carter Maguire's enchanting love story. Carter is the bride-to-be brother and an English teacher who becomes attracted to this photographer. Most wedding meetings never go far, but this wasn't the case here! This book uncovers the start of a fascinating read to keep any reader glued to read the whole copy cover to cover and jump right into the next book.

    10.  Love at first like by Hannah Orenstein 2019

    In the age of Instagram, people live for likes. Once Eliza, who owns a jewelry shop with her sister, takes a photo of an engagement ring bedazzling on her ring finger, and it goes viral! The right thing would be to clear the air, but Eliza decides to float on this boat a little longer. And then she meets Blake. So will she keep up the ruse and miss out on the new spark found? You will have to read to find out. 


    Romance novels are multiple, but the ten we have discussed is, for sure, a place to start. From this list, expect nothing but intriguing love tales that will have you at the ends of your seat. So pick one and start!

    Do you have favorite love stories? Leave a comment below and share; we love to read!

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