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    10 Small Unique Business Ideas Online

    Starting a business is never easy. One needs to do a lot of work to make his/her business successful. 

    Being online means become connected, and starting a business online not only lets you reach your customers. But also help you attract and engage them.

    In 2020, millions of people had made the most out of the online “wave” to start a successful online business. And it is expected to go higher in 2021.

    So, whether you are a beginner or someone who has busy work schedules, the following business ideas will help you realize your dream goals.

    10 Small Unique Business Ideas Online

    1.  Become a small business consultant

    Do you have good business experience or knowledge? Then you can start a business consultancy. You do not require to invest a large amount of money in it. But you must have a stronghold in a specific niche. 

    Before you start your consultancy business, make a plan that targets your potential clients. In some cases, the organization hires a business consultant-when they are facing problems and want someone to identify them. In other cases, they want expert advice in taking a business decision, etc.

    So, make sure you have a solid plan for them. And once you start delivering what the clients want- you will start getting paid.

    2.  Web industry expert

    The continued growth of the travel and retail industry has made the web industry the ever-booming industry. If you are a professional web designer, you can create aesthetic websites for clients. Freelancing websites such as Upwork could be a good option for you.

    Similarly, if you like coding, there are several freelancing websites- from where you can take web development projects. However, to attract customers from a freelancing website- you need to build a strong portfolio.

    3.  Write blogs

    Most businesses use blogging to raise awareness about their products, sharing information, and much more. If you love writing, blogging may be a good option for you. To get success in blogging, be consistent in writing and build loyal audiences.

    Once you get people who love to read your blogs, you will start earning by selling products, such as E-books, digital products, or sell ad-space. WordPress and Weebly are the most popular platforms to start blogging.

    4.  Be an app developer

    Mobile phones have become an essential part of our life- from tracking Blood pressure to watching movies- we do everything on the phone. If you are a skilled App developer, you can create an app and earn yourself.

    You can also take app development projects from the businesses for their specific app needs. However, to start as an App developer, you must know common programming languages such as Python, Java, etc.

    5.  An online marketplace expert

    You might have heard what Amazon said a few weeks ago? They said they sold millions of products on Christmas and New year. You can also reap the benefits of this E-commerce storm if you are an E-commerce expert. For example, you can become a shopify developer and earn a decent amount. 

    If you have experience selling products online, you can guide sellers on how they can advertise on these platforms? How to increase their sales? What are the charges to sell on these platforms, such as commission and membership charges? What are the best product analytics tools for online marketplaces?

    You can join online communities to share your expertise and meet online sellers such as LinkedIn, Quora, and other E-commerce-specific communities.

    6.  Teach online

    If you understand the subject or the course well, it does not matter how many people are teaching online? People who think they can describe things well can think about teaching online. They can take the help of different online platforms such as Skype, Google Hangouts for online tutoring. 

    To start teaching a course online, first think about the topic- that you can teach from scratch, such as Artificial intelligence, data science, digital marketing, etc. After this, you need a screen casting app to record, cut, and copy your videos. 

    Teaching is not something that you do one time and forget the other time. Make a schedule or plan to decide how much you will cover in one week and several other things. You will soon get benefited from it.

    7.  Try affiliate marketing

    Affiliate marketing is an easy and effective way to earn money by promoting other products. Here, promotion means you share a blog or a social media post of a company product or services or promote them through other channels. 

    But a question may arise in your mind. How to become an affiliate program?

    Pick a product or service that suits your niche, product, or services.

    Research affiliates program on the internet.

    Build a website for creating a blog or running affiliates paid ads.

    Create high value and genuine content. It will generate faith between you and your viewers. Most of the affiliates are now creating YouTube channels for posting their views on a new smartphone, cars, etc. Out of them, some have millions and billions of views and subscriptions.

    8.  Sell handmade products

    If you like creating beautiful picture frames, furniture, pottery, or have any crafty skills, you can sell handmade products online. There are several online platforms where you can sell your crafted products, such as Amazon, E-bay, etc.

    Many businesses on Shopify and Amazon start from handmade products, and now they are well-established brands. But before jumping into the E-commerce platforms, be mindful of their taxes and regulations.

    9.  Dog walker or groomer

    Do you love dogs? You can start a pet sitting business. But it is a lot more than seeing the dog waving his tail and playing with him. You might know how much people spend on pets sitting when their pets are cared for and love.

    However, before starting a pet sitting service, make sure you have liability insurance and a license.

    10.  E-commerce reseller

    You need not manufacture to sell products online- you can become a reseller and earn money. However, to become a reseller, you need to do the following things:

    Find the right product.

    Research the product’s price on online platforms.

    Check out the prices other have set.

    Search brick and mortar stores for the product.

    Buy the product if the price is low.

    Set the product’s price.

    List the products on the E-commerce platform.

    Ship your products and earn benefits.

    At last, any business you start would have its fair risks and obstacles, but they also have the potential to make you a successful businessman/businesswoman. So, stay focus and believe in yourself to conquer the online business world.

    Author bio: Cage Nicolas is a content strategist working in Bitclu Inc, New York, a company that provides sophisticated product analytics tools to Amazon sellers. He has been in the content marketing industry for more than three years and loves to write on technology and internet marketing.

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