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    How To Choose Best Online Courses for Cybersecurity

    Due to constantly increasing cybercrimes, cybersecurity is coming into the spotlight. A lot of businesses are developing cybersecurity departments or deploying biometric authentication within their organizations to prevent cybercrimes and identity theft. Therefore the demand for cybersecurity is increasing by the day. 

    Are you considering a higher qualification and consequently a career in cybersecurity? Here is a list of the seven best online courses for cybersecurity to help you get started. 

    Best Online Courses for Cybersecurity

    How To Choose Best Online Courses for Cybersecurity

    edX Essentials of Cybersecurity

    edX provides one of the most known and accredited courses for cybersecurity. The courses are developed by multiple universities and have authentic certificates after completion. The University of Washington offers the Professional Certificate in Essentials of Cybersecurity at $796. The duration of this online program through edX is 16 weeks, 2 to 5 hours per week respectively. The program gas 4 courses: Introduction to cybersecurity, Cybersecurity: The CISO’s view, Building a cybersecurity toolkit, Finding your cybersecurity career path. 

    Cyber Aces Online

    SANS institutes offer free cyber aces online courses for cybersecurity, if you are into cybersecurity you may have heard it. SANS is known for its success in research and education programs for the past 3 decades. SANS institute runs training around the globe that does cost much. Their cyber aces online courses include the topics: Operating systems, networking, and system administration. 

    You can take the online courses for cybersecurity with and without quizzes, in each module. 

    The Cybersecurity Course for Beginners by Udemy

    Cybersecurity is one of the most growing professions. In the cybersecurity course for beginners, the fundamentals of cybersecurity are discussed and taught. You get to know about the threats and vulnerabilities in the infrastructure that can cause identity theft and other breaches. It also tells learners about the risk assessment and threat modeling and gradually builds upon the more advanced concepts. 

    A comprehensive curriculum for beginners in the cybersecurity field.

    A course on encryption, defense against identity theft, and phishing types.

    Teaches you about how one can enhance security.

    Assignments and quizzes with 120 plus lectures and downloadable resources.

    Harvard Cybersecurity Course

    Harvard cybersecurity course has eight modules to complete over many weeks, 8-11 hours per week. It helps students understand how-to mitigate cyber risks to prevent identity theft also gives you knowledge about legal and compliance processes. What you will learn in this course:

    Types of cyberattacks.

    The risk level is associated with cyberattacks.

    Identify the threats.

    Understanding technology.

    And law related to cyber risks.

    Cybersecurity for Managers by MIT

    This program is aimed at managerial positions in the organizations which include the following concepts: How managers can maintain cybersecurity in the organization, types of threats, how to build defenses, and how to manage risks and threats. The duration of the program is six weeks with 5 -6 hours per week. 

    The Open University Online Courses for Cybersecurity

    The United kingdom’s open university is considered a leader when it comes to distance learning, it has been developing leading industry courses for decades. Their courses are customized to fit the changing trends. Their programs are easily understandable for beginners, inexperienced and unqualified individuals. Open university courses are exceptionally developed with extensive knowledge. 

    But it is said that their cybersecurity courses are lacking behind. But they do offer a degree in Computing and IT that does cover different areas of cybersecurity. But they do not offer cybersecurity as a core subject but the basics are pretty much covered in their bachelor’s degree, so to speak. 

    Cybersecurity Courses on Coursera

    Cybersecurity courses are offered by the University of Maryland, it covers the fundamentals of cybersecurity. The course completes in 5 months, with 6 hours per week. This course teaches you the tools and the techniques and building blocks to protect against cybercrimes. Their certificate program consists of 5 courses: Usable security, software security, cryptography, hardware security, cybersecurity capstone project. 

    Having a course online is an amazing option for students looking for part-time studies along with full-time jobs. No matter where you are from, you can study from anywhere in the world whenever you want. Course videos can be rewatched and are short and concise. Discussion boards make group discussions easier. Moreover, they reduce study costs. But it is important to learn courses from only famous platforms like university-owned platforms or Udemy, Coursera, and others who have authority in the online education world. 

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