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    7 Best Salon Software with Online Booking Features

    Nowadays, more people are concerned about their looks and wellness!!

    Hence, the beauty industry has gained relative hype!!

    Its statistics speak its growth by itself; it is estimated that the $532 billion approximately is the global beauty industry worth. And, this will reach by $716.6 billion till 2025.

    Previously, there were only rich people and businesses that prioritize wellness, however, everything is changed now!!

    Everyone has become more concerned about their beauty. That is why, in 2020, the Salon industry will reach $49.3 billion.

    But, this regularly accelerating competition all around the globe has made the Salon owners choose the solution that helps them to streamline their daily operations. 

    Of course, with every seat full and even more customers waiting in the lobby, it becomes tough to manage every customer to the best. Also, you cannot ignore anyone, as one dissatisfied customer can result in a decrease in the percentage of the customer's volume. 

    So, the Salon owners must get the system that only controls their daily Salon chaos, but also pleases the potential customers.

    Today, in the world of technology, daily new and new management software is evolving. These systems aim to help the business so that they can improve the effectiveness and boost the profitable results.  When it is about the Salon business, then there are many Salon Software for you.

    7 Best Salon Software with Online Booking Features

    Salon Software-Defined

    Salon Management Software is the system that assists the Salon owners to handle their daily operations effectively. These solutions are here to manage online booking, Point of Sale (POS), Inventory, customers, staff, marketing, and analytics, etc.

    The Salon staff is generally involved in assisting the customers all day, so it becomes tough for them to handle many customers at one time. And, when at peak hours, these issues accelerate more. Here, Online booking software works tremendously. Its' calendar system allows the customers to check at what time the schedule is free to book. Simultaneously, the staff owners can also find out at what time, the Salon staff is free, and when they can assist more customers. This is how profitability and efficiency can get a boost.

    What is the best salon software?

    Tanning salons, Hair salons, Beauty parlors, Massage therapists, Nail salons and Medical spas, etc. leverage this software to give value to all the Salon processes.

    But, picking the best Salon Software is also a tough task. It is difficult to decide which one could be appropriate and beneficial for your Salon.  So, for you to decide it easily, we have gathered a list of some of the best Salon Software with online booking features and you can choose what you think fits appropriately in the Salon business needs. Check it out below:

    7 Best Salon Software with Online Booking Features

    1. Salonist

    Salonist enables the Salon owners to automate the center tasks, such as Staff management, Scheduling, and appointment booking, etc.  From the scheduling feature, the customers can book and modify (cancel, schedule, or reschedule) their appointments from the calendar.

    The Salon owners can also manage their staff details, such as staff training, staff attendance, staff details, and their daily performance from the staff management feature.  These records feature assists the customers to manage their information, like, customer preferences, appointment history, contact details, and future bookings, etc.

    Salonist is the preeminent Salon appointment booking software for every business size. Use the most popular tools to make informed decisions and increase brand awareness.

    Key features:

    Payroll Management

    Appointment Management

    Employee Management

    Online Booking

    Billing & Invoicing

    Client Management

    Order Management

    Prepaid and Credit


    Reward point

    Inventory Management

    Point of Sale

    Analytic Services

    Location/Branch Management

    2. Square Appointments

    The square appointment has every feature which is needed to effectively manage the online bookings. It is integrated with different Square features, such as, Marketing suite, credit card reader, POS system, etc. that converts it as the best and perfect solution for the Salon of every size.

    So, those who are searching for the free online booking solution with less design, fully-featured, and easy to use, must use the Square appointments.

    Key Features:

    Dedicated booking website

    Booking widget for website integration

    SMS & Email Reminders

    Seamless integration with all tools from Square

    Easy-to-use, drag and drop calendar

    Advanced client data (with images)

    Advanced inventory management (with stock alerts)

    iOS & Android App 

    3. SimplyBook.me

    This solution is an excellent choice intended not only for the Salons, besides, it can also be used in personal trainers, gyms, schools, spas, etc.  It is known for offering easy yet effective solutions for scheduling and online booking.

    SimplyBook.me holds several interfaces for operating the system, like, mobile devices, web, and desktop computers as well. The best thing about this Salon Management software is that its booking page is versatile and its integration can be done with the Facebook business page and the existing website.

    This solution has the feedback collection system from the customers that assists the Salons to boost their services and for improving the customer satisfaction rate.

    Key Features:

    Team management

    Can be set up easily

    Employee payroll

    Promotion from codes and gift cards 

    Analytics and reporting

    Several integration options

    Detailed calendar interface

    Notifications from email and SMS

    Packages and Membership options

    Intuitive marketing tools

    Different payment gateways ( POS, Cash, Paypal, and Stripe )

    Online bookings from the website, and apps such as Instagram and Facebook

    4. Zenoti 

    Zenoti offers cloud-based all-in-one software solutions for the Salon, spa, and medical spa. The Zenoti platform aims to improve authenticity and scalability and leverage the power of enterprise-level technology to provide services to Salons of every size.

    There are almost 50 countries where Zenoti Software has been used. It permits users to control every single aspect of the Salon from the complete mobile Salon solution. The Salon owners can easily access the revenue projections, real­-time scheduling, and notifications, etc. From its mobile point of sale feature, the Salon staff can schedule the appointments and carry out the sales from any of the handheld devices and from anywhere in the world.

    Key features:

    Appointments and Classes

    Inventory Management

    Multi-Location Support


    Employee Management

    Mobile POS

    Paperless Intake Forms

    Appointments and Classes

    Billing and Payments

    Custom Reporting

    5. Vagaro

    It is the cloud-based salon software with online booking features that could be used in any of the fitness and wellness-based industries. Vagaro permits the Salon owners to schedule the appointments and handle their daily Salon tasks effectively.

    This solution provides an integrated solution to control the customer database, payroll, bookkeeping, inventory management, automated email marketing, etc. From this solution, the Salon owners can make the customizable web pages to reveal the upcoming offers and events from the Vagaro website. 

    Additionally, customers can build personalized profiles from the contact details, feedback, and booking history. From here, the Salon owners can track the record of the customers' service history and create customizable reports with the charts and graphs. This enables the tracking of the customer retention rate, business performance, etc.

    Key features:

    Booth Rental

    Appointment Scheduling

    Email Marketing

    Client Management

    Employee Management

    Inventory Management

    Gift Card Management

    Loyalty Program

    Gift Card Management

    Gift Card Management

    Payroll & Commissions

    Wait List

    Recurring Appointments


    Referral Program

    Social Marketing

    Room / Equipment Management

    Tanning Management

    6. Phorest

    As a Salon management software, Phorest includes the online booking feature that enables you to manage the online booking either from Facebook or from the Salon website.  After the appointment is scheduled, the system updates it by itself and, hence, reduces the chances of overbooking.

    Every Salon from small to medium size can use this salon software with online booking features, such as POS, reporting, appointment booking, and inventory management.  It provides the Salon branded app and cloud-based deployment for tablets and mobile phones.

    It has a "Client ReConnect" feature from where the Salon owners can send notifications in form of emails according to their previous booking and purchasing history.  Additionally, it provides you the POS module from where the orders and sales can get recorded, and hence, the cash can be maintained.  From the stock control module, as a Salon owner, you can get alerts when the amount of inventory is less and needs to be refilled.

    Key features:

    Booth Rental Management

    Client Profiles

    Employee Management

    Inventory Management

    Loyalty Program


    Payroll Management

    Point of Sale (POS)

    Recurring Appointments

    7. Salon Iris

    Salon Iris is an outstanding salon software with online booking features that comes with a long list of features to help the thousands of salon owners grow. It can assist the Salon to track their potential customers, manage inventory and appointments effectively, attract new customers, and improve the brand reputation overall.

    It includes the automated text message appointment alerts and confirmation, automated email marketing, Facebook appointment booking options, QuickBooks integration, and many more.

    The integrated credit card processing enables to offer the customer packages and the memberships, loyalty programs, and the acceptability of the no-show fees and online booking deposits.

    Key Features:

    Customizable and Flexible booking templates for website

    Point of sale (POS) 

    Convenient for offline use

    Business reporting tools

    email and SMS alerts for appointments

    Calendar with intuitive features

    Inventory Management system

    Integrated payment system

    Team management

    Employee payroll management

    Loyalty program management

    Email marketing tools

    Accessible from either desktop application, web browser, iOS, and Android Apps

    Wrapping up

    Choosing the best fitted online booking Salon software can provide you the best results, and assuredly, be the game-changer for the Salon.

    Undeniably, all are best as per their features, but, some might have budget constraints. Hence, you can look after each and every option and then, lock the decision. We wish your Salon to have profitable growth ahead!!

    Thanks for reading!!

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