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    Top Three Innings of Sachin Tendulkar

    In the world of cricket, the Master Blaster is one of the greatest batsmen to play the game, he is considered as one of the greatest batsmen of the generation, in his days the superstar has played ample of matches for the Indian national cricket team and he has got plenty runs to his back.

    The tenure of himself describes the pedigree and class of the superstar, out of his splendid knocks in this article we will revisit the best three knocks of his career which he played for the Indian national team.

    Top Three Innings of Sachin Tendulkar

    Top Three Innings of Sachin Tendulkar

    • 134 off 131 balls against Australia in 1994

    In the final of the Coca Cola Cup, in a triangular series final league match against Australia, where team India needed a win to secure their spot In the final, the master blaster demonstrated his attribute against the Australian team and smashed a valiant 134 runs against them in just 131 balls.

    Team India was chasing 273 runs, where Sachin played percentage game with perfection at the beginning of the innings, and later he was all over on Shane Warne and Tom Moody, both of the Australian bowlers conceded more than 60 runs in that match.

    In that match his straight six over the head of Michael Kasprowicz is one of the memorable moments in his career, after that match the Australian magician, Shane Warne commented that the innings of Sachin still haunt him some time.

    • 98 off 75 balls against Pakistan in 2003

    Indian vs Pakistan match is the super Clasico of Cricket, it is a kind of game which always gives extra motivation to the cricket fans, the 2003 World cup encounter between India and Pakistan is something special for the Indian fans.

    From the time when Javed Miandad smashed Chetan Sharma for a six in the 1986 Sharjah Cup final, Pakistan always had the upper hand against India in the 199’s, but team India got an extra advantage over Pakistan in the World cup in all the previous meetings.

    Before the high voltage match Pakistani pacer Shoaib Akhtar vowed to knock off Sachin’s head and after the end of the first innings Pakistan posted 273 runs, and it seems that finally, they were on their way to secure first win over India in the world cup, but Sachin has some different thought in his mind, in the first five overs Sachin Tendulkar smashed a couple of sixes and fours against Shoaib Akhtar and in the first fifty over team India scored fifty runs.

    The six over the third man of Sachin Tendulkar against Shoaib Akhtar wiped off all the memories of Javed Miandad’s six, with that wonderful start team India won the match comfortably by six wickets.

    • 200 Runs off 147 balls against South Africa in 2010

    The Innings against South Africa in 2010 was quite befitting and because of his wonderful innings like these, he has got the tag of the best batsman of his generation and added another to Sachin Tendulkar Records Book

    In that innings, the Master Blaster showcased that class is permanent, and age is just a number for any person, on the basis of his double century team India scored 401 runs in that match, and all the murmurs going on about his age was just swiped aside by that one inning.

    Team India won that match by 153 runs against South Africa!

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