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    How to Be a Good Poet, What Skills Should I Have?

    For centuries, the poets have taught us the highest standards of how one can use words to express the emotions beautifully. From Shakespeare of England to the Christian Beck of Belgium, the world was never empty from poets.

    The words of the poem and poets always inspire the sensitive souls to create new landmarks through their creations. New poets should keep coming pouring the freshness of thoughts. Many people want to have their career as a poet, if you are in the same zone of mood, attainment of special skills is necessary.

    How to Be a Good Poet, What Skills Should I Have?

    How to Be a Good Poet, What Skills Should I Have?

    1.  Understanding of language:

    To play with the words, a poet needs to know the nook and cranny of language. The best strategy is first to attain expertise in your mother language. One practical way to enrich knowledge in a language is the development of reading habits. Read a lot, as much as you can.

    It is believed if you read 1000 books, your words will flow like a river. It means that your vocabulary will be stunningly strong. It is the first thing where you need to achieve perfection. Read more words, write more words, and stay in the habit of reading.

    2.  Before you chase someone to follow your feelings:

    It is not wrong to keep an idol but chasing them without letting your emotions come out. Every poet, no matter how new he is in the field, has a spark. The novelty of thoughts is the biggest thing that helps you stand different from others.

    Experience comes with years, but expertise comes with your style. Do not let it die; just make it flow but keep polishing with the required skills and knowledge. Your individuality is essential to decide your career as a poet.

    3.  ‘P’ for Philosophy pairs amazingly with ‘P’ for Poem:

    Poem and philosophy both talk about life, and thus they both look good when walking together.  A poem divorced with philosophy can never breathe emotions in readers. Read the books that talk about the intimacy of both and develop the skills to use this relation for creating something unprecedented.

    When both the poem and the philosophy meet, they always give astonishing creations. Life has so much to offer, its mystery is beyond understanding, but still we humans keep searching and invent new chapters. Get as deep as possible, and you will see what a bright pearl you will discover.  Experiment every day and enjoy inventions every day.

    4.  DO NOT RUSH as Success never comes in one day:

    You cannot chase success, but yes, you can follow skill, which can certainly bring success for you. Running after name and fame is the biggest mistake that new poets do. They want to become popular in the shortest duration of time. It is a significant threat to the career of a poet in its infancy. Just like speed kills on the road, speed kills success in a career.

    Writing a book of poems is not sufficient that can gather only a few compliments, but that is not a success. Career in haste is a career in threat. Learn to walk slowly and do not keep the greed of money; your work should touch the heart of people. You are not selling a effective business loan in Belgium to money-minded business persons; you are expressing emotions. Before money, learn how to understand feelings.

    5.  Interact with the real situations to develop empathy:

    You cannot write a good poem in the rain until you have not experienced it. Go out, get drenched in the rain, and open your arms, now talk to your soul. Whatever subject you write about, try to relate it with your real-life experience.

    If your poem mourns about the death of a loved one, try to bring back a similar experience. It may sound complicated, however, is the only way to connect to your readers. A good poet is the one who can cry while writing about grief and can laugh out loud like a child while writing about childhood. 

    6.  Skill to make connections from publishers:

    Once you are established, you will need to enlarge your area of work and circle. Also, as a poet, you need to earn if it is your full-time career. The best way to earn money goes through published work. From popular newspaper columns to publishing your books, for everything you need good connections. Publishers can become your platform of prosperity.

    Attend the events where people from the media and literature world come together for a common purpose. You can meet new and renowned people there and can present yourself as the new talent eager to explore the world of poems. Such places really help you a lot in gaining a new perspective about the work and the skills of a poet.

    Once a poet, always a poet:

    A poet is always a person of the soul with sundry feelings. If you think you can keep that feature, then stay confident because that is the essential skill. One more important thing is, when you start earning, do not let the money overpower the poet in you. Do not write for money, write good, and the money will come effortlessly. We hope you got on how to become a good poet.

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