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    How to Change Password Manually in Outlook - Outlook Password Recovery

    Microsoft Outlook is undoubtedly one of the best email clients in the world. It has been successfully managed to gain the global user database due to its effective features and simple to use interface. Its OST and PST files format features take this email services to the new ends. 

    However, despite being having the top-notch features, Outlook also has few loopholes that are particularly related to the password.

    Problem-related to the password is a real struggle for every email service. There are few do and don’t which users need to mindful about. Here in this blog, we will describe the couple of ways to change the password in Outlook application, also describe the tips to keep the password that helps to keep your safe from any danger.

    How to Change Password Manually in Outlook - Outlook Password Recovery


    One of the first do’s which you need to follow is password rotation. It refers to changing/resetting passwords. Rotation of a password decreases the risk from password-related outbreaks and exploits. 

    The duration of rotation should depend on the usage, and account security. For instance, a password for a normal user account might need to spin between 30 to 60 days. On the other hand, a super user account and other highly privileged passwords should be regularly rotated. A password associated with the exaggerated account should be quickly changed.

    Apart from this, use a blend of uppercase and lowercase characters. Use punctuation marks and special characters such as #, $, % in your password. 


    Never use any part of your usernames such as first name, or last name in your password

    Never use your sport as a password such as "baseball" and "football", they are count in the top 10 worst passwords, where "hockey," "soccer" and "golfer" are in the top 100.

    Avoid including your nickname, birth date, spouse name, pet name in your password

    Change your MS Outlook password:

    If you are looking to change or updating your password, you need to change it from multiple places such as email clients and desktop utility. Because, if you change the password of desktop utility that doesn’t mean it changes from the email account provider, you need to change it from there too. Hence, have a look at how to change the password from both places. 

    Change your MS Outlook client password:

    If you have subscribed the Office 365 monthly updates start with the underneath steps:

    In Outlook, select the File option, go to the Account Settings and click on the Update Password.

    Update the password or app password and then click ‘OK.’

    If you have Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, or 2010, or purchased Outlook application follows the below steps:

    Move to File Info option go to Account Settings and select the Manage Profiles

    Next, tap on ‘Email Accounts’

    In the newly opened box, tap on the ‘Email’ tab and hit on the ‘Change’ button.

    From the ‘Change Account’ window, go to the ‘Login information’ option and press the ‘Next.’

    Wait till the process completes. After tasks show the green checkmark, close the window by tapping the ‘Close’ button.

    Change your Outlook.com password

    In case, Outlook.com is your default mail service provider, pay a glance that underneath steps to change your password. 

    Open the Outlook application and log in to your account.

    Once the login process completed, move to the Security option from the menu and tap on changing my password which is places under the Password security section. 

    Now enter your current password and type the new password multiple times, then press the Save button. 

    Now your password is successfully changed, try to login with the new password to check. 

    Automatic Solution to Change the Password:

    If you don’t have time to perform the manual steps or not technical sound, using the Outlook Password Recovery is the great option available over the web. Talking about the best tool, no one can compete with the Shoviv Outlook password recovery tool. This tool is loaded with a plethora of features that make the password recovery a cinch process. 

    Features of Shoviv Outlook Password Recovery:

    Instant Outlook Password Recovery:
    Outlook Password Recovery tool has robust features that make the recovery task of PST Outlook password as quick as possible. 

    Open the lengthy & multilingual password protected files:
    This tool can easily open the password-protected file whether the password is made of symbol, number, upper letter, or other numeric keys. It will unlock it effortlessly. 

    Plain User Interface to Unlock Password:
    If don’t have technical skills or never used the software or tool before, don’t need to hesitate. This tool has a simple user interface that helps to unlock the password. 

    Demo Version:
    Shoviv Outlook password recovery provides the demo version at free of cost to evaluate the performance of the tool. It supported the file size of 200 MB in the trial version. Hence, upload the file without any second thought. 

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