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    All You Need To Know About Nadra

    The national database and registration authority (NADRA) is an independent and autonomous agency that regulates and safeguards the databases of citizens of Pakistan. It is under the control of the interior secretary of Pakistan that belongs to Pakistan's administrative service. NADRA was formed 20 years ago on 10th March 2000. The main aim of this agency is to regulate and maintain government databases and also statistically manage the sensitive registration database of all the citizens of Pakistan. The official website on which services of NADRA can be availed is www.nadra.gov.pk. The headquarters of this agency reside at Islamabad, Islamabad capital venue. The motto of this body states, "EMPOWERMENT THROUGH IDENTITY."

    All You Need To Know About Nadra

    As of now, there are about 18,000 employees working for this agency. It has nearly 800 domestic offices along with five international ones. NADRA falls under the jurisdiction of the constitution of Pakistan and functions in accordance with the international safety agreements. NADRA is responsible for issuing computerized national identity cards(NIC) to the citizens of Pakistan and securing the national identities of the citizens from theft. It is one of the largest government database institutions that is growing at a rapid speed. The databases secured by NADRA are kept in extreme secrecy to ensure the national security and security of all the citizens of Pakistan.

    History And Formation Of Nadra:

    After the independence of Pakistan, the prime minister launched the personal identity system(PIS) program to register and manage national identification cards to all citizens and Muslim refugees residing in Pakistan. Amendments in this system were carried out until the late 1970s. After the 1971 war, East Pakistan (currently Bangladesh) got partitioned from West Pakistan, and a separate province was made. There was an urgent appeal for a system which would secure the information of Pakistani citizens as questions were being raised on who was a Pakistani and who was not. The Bhutto regime then introduced a national registration act to establish an authority to issue photo ID to those Pakistani citizens who were registered. In 1973, registration of citizens and database were made in the government's computer accounts. Bhutto, in a parliamentary session of 1973, stated that the country lies in utter darkness without a proper system to perform and contain a statistical database of the citizens. The government started issuing National identity cards(NIC) to citizens. In 2000, NADRA was established that completely changed the dynamics of the safety and security of data of Pakistani citizens. It replaced the old directorate registration system with a fully computerized system operating independently.

    Nicop Application And Nadra Online:

    NICOP refers to National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis; it offers facilities for Pakistani citizens holding dual citizenship status. If you are an individual with dual citizenship and have obtained NICOP, you do not need a visa while visiting Pakistan. An individual above 18 can apply for NICOP online by visiting www.nadra.gov.pk and selecting Pak-identity.

    NADRA has started its service of online application for essential facilities like NICOP. Online data is collected that includes the thumb impressions and signature of the applicant. The online fee is to be submitted after applying.

    If you are a Pakistani citizen above 18 years of age, you can avail the facilities offered by NADRA. For details relating to overseas Bangladeshi citizens & NVR Certificate  please click here.

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