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    Advantages of Using Keyless Door Locks For Your Home

    Security is always a top priority as a homeowner. As technology continues to advance as time goes by, devices that help us secure our homes have also evolved. Many properties and places have chosen to digitalize their security measures and go keyless.

    Much like all pieces of advanced technology, keyless door locks were made as a more convenient alternative to the traditional choice of lock-and-key method of property protection and utilizing numerical passcodes to enter your humble abode. Here are more of the advantages of using keyless door locks.

    Advantages of Using Keyless Door Locks For Your Home

    Higher security

    One of the aims of this innovation in security is to elevate security itself. To achieve that, keyless locks reduce the risk of losing your keys by replacing it with a pin code that you can change anytime you like or when it is necessary. Keypad locks also have a different design of hardware compared to other types of locks. It’s essentially more difficult to pick a digital lock because it does not have a cylinder mechanism. Other types of digital locks use biometrics like the owner’s fingerprint to unlock.

    Easy installation

    Some people avoid switching to keyless locks thinking they might have trouble installing them, which could not be further than the truth. Keyless locks can be easily installed just like how a standard lock can be installed in. Most of these types of locks also do not require being connected to a power source which means, they are battery-powered and are also being sold at an affordable price at a high-quality hardware store in Manila.

    Improved durability

    As traditional locks and keys get worn down by time, it becomes increasingly difficult to turn, causing it to malfunction. Since electronic locks don’t require keys it prevents that wear-and-tear problem. An electronic lock of high-quality should be able to last longer with standard hardware.

    Saves money and time

    Re-keying costs can add up over time, especially in large households. When you lose keys in bigger households, it can be more difficult to keep track of which key is for which door. Digital electronic locks eliminates the need to replace lost keys, which therefore saves you time and money.

    Access control system integration

    Keypad door locks can be used as a part of an access control system. This feature is especially useful for companies or apartments. Having an integrated system allows owners of the property to restrict access even when using the correct code during certain hours.

    Placing keyless door locks at home is a very effective method to secure it. Just keep in mind that there are various security features that comes with different types of keyless door locks. Find the one that best fits your needs.

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