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    Advanced Web Design Business Plan for 2019

    While website design is subject to continuous transformation and innovative value additions, there are some design and development aspects that remained constant over the years. In 2019 also, we are going to see a plethora of new design trends that will dominate the web in the time to come. But before explaining these trends we need to take a look back at the key aspects of design and development that web developers will not be able to shun their eyes off. Let's begin with them before going over the latest trends.

    Advanced Web Design Business Plan for 2019
    Loading Speed: It has been seen that a web page taking more than 3 seconds to load are deserted by most users. Web users are an extremely impatient and restless lot. You need to deliver them the contents or features as soon as they land on your page or experience the backlash in terms of low traffic footfall, high bounce rate and reduced engagement.

    Mobile Optimized: Vast majority of websites are now opened on mobile browsers besides a considerable number of businesses that decided to underplay mobile website and opt for native or hybrid mobile apps. So, your website, first of all, needs to be mobile optimized or designed responsively to take on a variety of screen sizes.

    Component-based Development: For some time we started to use some development frameworks that made the job of web developers extremely easier by allowing them to use the ready-in-hand components to build robust apps. The reusable code and components are also allowing a lot of inexperienced and so-called citizen developers to take part in the development process. Moreover, designers with the least development experience can now engage in development process thanks to these frameworks.

    Personalisation: The final nail in the coffin of the old approach to web development will be the increasing emphasis on personalisation. The personalisation of the web design and features has got a boost with the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. These technologies are helping developers with relevant and most useful insights about the users so that they can incorporate in-depth knowledge about the users in addressing individual users.

    The above-mentioned aspects of web development are constantly remaining as the key concerns for the vast majority of web developers around the world. To ensure addressing these requirements and to help to deliver better user experience, new design and development approaches keep pouring in. Now we need to explain some of these web development and design trends that are going to shape the web in 2019 and beyond. you can go with this site: PracticeBloom

    Intrinsic Web Design:

    The coinage "Intrinsic Web Design" has just surfaced in the last year and since then it is making rounds in the web designer circle. This design principle is all about focusing on the creative ways to enhance the capability of the web browsers for whole new web experience. It basically emphasizes on using the capabilities and tools of the browser instead of trying to address the browser limitations. 

    The approach seems really credible and relevant as the capabilities of the browser already providing us with a lot of creative ways to ensure a fast-paced and user-centric browsing experience. Thanks to modern browsers the developers now have a whole array of web layout tools helping them to place the on-screen elements in a manner that satisfies their purpose and design aesthetics. When a number of designers and developers start using these browser tools we can expect for the widening of the horizon of ideas for modern web development. 

    Experiment with Scrolling:

    When people were practically habituated to scroll down their web pages searching for contents, some content-rich websites introduced infinite scrolling to allow users scrolling down incessantly and without any need to use buttons or menu items or pagination to get to another page. Similarly, just when mobile users became used to on-screen swapping to browse contents, we have had vertical scrolling to fit this browsing action. 

    Even if that is not enough, now the users can also scroll separately different parts of a website screen just without going over to another page or screen. For example, while you scroll on for contents under “Latest Posts”, you can also scroll down to search for contents under “Most relevant” or any other category shown on the same screen. In 2019 and beyond we can expect designers to continue experimenting with this scrolling.

    3D Illustration:

    If any future historian takes account of all the design trends that remained solid and kicking for several consecutive years on the web and digital interfaces, it is the flat design. But for the last couple of years, even the popularity of the flat design is fast waning and new design trends offering more depth and contrast is continuously getting popular. This we got material design which swept design of too many websites in the recent past. Now, we have a 3D illustration to deliver more spice to web design.

    3D Illustration

    The animated objects with sharp and life-like countenance and striking contrast with the background are increasingly getting popular design elements in too many websites across the niches. The old-fashioned illustrations that were lacking depth and lively feel cane to life with the 3D effect incorporated into them. In 2019 and years beyond, we can expect many websites to embrace 3D illustration as a key design element. 

    Ambient Design:

    Ambiance often subtly influences the users without really making a bold statement. It works like the soft and soothing lighting that remaining concealed and inconspicuous just makes a good ambiance. In the web design of the coming time, this ambient element will play a more vital and definitive role. 

    In this respect, it is important to notice that the ambient aspect of a website depends largely on user behavior. These days’ users spend a good chunk of their time looking at the screen and so they are likely to feel more at ease with a design that helps them stay focused with least cognitive load. Moreover, the design elements of a website can also change from morning to evening to accommodate the sensibilities of over-stressed users.

    Use of Bright and Bold Colors with a Lot of White Space Around:

    Finally, let us draw your attention to a particular design trend that has already been there for quite some time. The use of sophisticated and bright color scheme without causing any visual distraction remained popular web design practice for some time. While using bright and bold colors in web design will continue it will remain equally important how you can minimize the distractions and cognitive load and create more negative or blank space in the design to help users settle their eyes on.


    Besides these design practices and trends that are mentioned above, obviously, there will be a lot of rooms for the web designers to come with innovative and out-of-the-box design concepts. In 2019, we can see a few new web design trends to appear that we have not seen earlier.

    Author bio: Atman Rathod is a Technocrat and cofounder of CMARIX Technolabs, a leading web and mobile app development company is having complete customer-centric approach with a passion of technological innovation. He has 13+ years of experience and loves to work, read and write about various technologies, business success tips, startups and more.

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