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    Permanent Cure of Your Missing Teeth

    People lose their teeth due to some major causes like old age, gum diseases, trauma or faulty dental treatment, etc. Once a tooth has been lost, it has to be replaced as early as possible for these important reasons:

    1. For restoring your teeth as even one missing tooth space in your mouth can affect the function.
    2. For filling the gap as it does not aesthetic.
    3. For your self-confidence.

    Missing teeth can cause bone loss and recession of the gums with time. There are a number of treatments for missing teeth, including tooth supported crowns, bridges, removable dentures. All these treatments are quite temporary and not that comfortable. You have to choose a permanent solution for this, which is a dental implant.

    Permanent Cure of Your Missing Teeth

    What are Dental Implants?

    A dental implant is a screw made up of titanium metal that works like a real tooth root. It acts as an anchor for placing one or more artificial teeth in the mouth. The implant is made up of three parts; the fixture which will anchor to the jaw bone; the abutment which is a link between the fixture and the crown and the crown which acts and looks like the tooth to be replaced.

     It is the best permanent solution for a single or multiple missing tooth but is costlier than a dental bridge. For people who are allergic to metals, nowadays Zirconia or ceramic implants are things.

    How does Implant Work?

    After a tooth is lost, an implant is inserted in the space created by the tooth loss. Meanwhile, a temporary protective barrier which is a cover screw is placed on the implant. The implant fuses with the surrounding jaw bone by a process known as osseointegration. This can take up to six months. After the fusion is completed, a temporary crown replaces the cover screw. It is a template around which the gum grows and takes a shape naturally. In the end, it will be replaced with a permanent crown. This will require a committed time and 1-2 surgeries with the proper recovery time.

    Why Implants?

    It is made up of titanium metal which is biocompatible therefore it is easily accepted by the human body. It is the strongest metal which is light in weight providing maximum strength. They are made to behave and look like the original, which a naked eye cannot even notice. It improves the biting and all the natural abilities. Dental Implants are made to last for a lifetime with the proper home care and maintenance. In the case of implants, the success rate is almost 95%. Unlike other prosthesis, implants are much stronger. But getting the implant done is only feasible when you have a sufficient amount of bone width and height.

    Are Implants Costly?

    If you have heard about it, you must be knowing that dental implant treatment is very expensive. In the USA, London, Canada, Australia the cost is approximately $3000, but in India, the price of dental implant is 3 to 4 times lower than any other developed country, that too under a professional team of dentists.

    Dental tourism, a term for medical vacation, vacation treatment or a planned holiday, is where people travel to another country for the treatment. India has already established its mark on a global level in dental tourism as nearly about 8 million foreign people have arrived for medical attention. You can explore the country’s beauty, culture, and ancient architectures. There are so many places to see like Taj Mahal, Red fort, India gate, Qutub Minar, Lotus temple etc.

    The quality of treatment is as considerable as the cost. India has been able to raise in the world market of dental tourism because of the economical and trusted dental services offered by highly qualified dental professionals.

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