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    All You Need to Know About Certificate III in Individual Support

    There are so many aged people who don’t have anyone to take care of them. The elderly stage or the last stage of life is just like the first one, where an infant needs a lot of care. 

    Aged Care Courses give you the right skills to take care of the elderly or disabled in their houses or in residential aged care centers. This qualification will give you the skills and knowledge to provide person-centered support to people who may require support due to aging.  

    For an aged care worker, there are so many employment opportunities and when we talk about the demand for aged care worker, well, that is increasing day by day. 

    Aged Care Courses are available online so you can study online and that means you can study when it suits you and work at your own pace. You don’t need any educational qualification to do these certificates.

    All You Need to Know About Certificate III in Individual Support

    Tasks the Aged Care Worker may expect to perform:

    Provide friendly support to the elderly by helping them with daily living, personal care, and hygiene.
    Supervise and arrange the daily activities.
    Cook for them and serve meals.
    Wash and iron clothes.
    Provide emotional support and companionship.
    Assist them with self-medication.

    There are different levels of Aged Care Courses to choose from, and that is:
    Certificate 3
    Certificate 4

    The Certificate 3 in individual support is an entry level qualification for those who want to work in aged care. Because of the aging population which is rising day by day. It will equip you with the skills which are required to assist the aged people with their personal care and hygiene needs, provide them emotional support and help them to maintain independence.

    The Certificate 4 in aging support is a nationally recognized qualification. It is developed for those that are at present functioning in the aged care industry and looking to make bigger their profession in a budding industry. Basically, it is for the people who are seeking professional or career development in this field. In this students will learn how to maintain and provide personal care and assistance to a client in an aged care residential facility. It includes safety procedures, behavior management, effective support, communication, cultural sensitivity, industry information requirements.

    Certificate III in Individual Support:

    The Certificate III in Individual Support is intended to give guidance to sector level workforce who have to to work in community care, nursing home, residential aged care offices, disability care, community-based organization, and hospital. This qualification mirrors the part of workers in the community as well as residential setting (residential aged care offices) who take after an individualized plan for the provision of individual-focused care to individuals who may require support because of aging, disability or some other reason. Workers are being required to build support individuals in their homes, support individuals with progressively complex needs, to tailor care and support ways to deal with address singular issues with expanded 'client' choice. The course consolidates both theory and practical training, with the majority of the learning and appraisal in the workplace where students will set recently gained information through conveyance of abilities in zones identifying with individual care, helping individuals to keep up autonomy in their home of choice and give welfare and support administrations to help the absolute most vulnerable individuals in the community.

    Career outcome:

    Personal care worker
    Assistant in nursing
    Support worker
    Respite worker
    Community care worker

    There are no formal entry needs for this course. No particular educational degree is necessary.

    Candidate should be at least of 16 years of age.

    The enrolment form of the candidates who are the below 18 years old, should be signed by their parents or guardians.  

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