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    Traditional Fuel Lighters Versus Electric Lighters

    How do they work?

    Traditional fuel lighters haven't changed in decades. They have a small tank of fuel and flint to produce a spark that will ignite this fuel. Next, to them we now have electric lighters, they work with no flame. They work with a battery that sends a current of energy from one electrode to the other, and they create an arc of light or plasma. Plasma can reach very high temperatures, and this is what causes a flammable material to be set on fire.

    You can try once, or twice:

    Traditional lighters have a flint that will light the gas contained inside. Sometimes it requires a few tries until the gas is ignited and it can be used to burn other materials or light flames with it. This is not the case for electric lighters, and they work as soon as you press the button. There is no trial and error with electric lighters. 
    Traditional Fuel Lighters Versus Electric Lighters

    Lifespan on both devices:

    Both types of lighters have a limited amount of working or useful time. The difference would rely on the fact that most electric lighters are rechargeable through a USB cable. Fuel lighters are usually cheaper because they are one-use-only and there is no chance of refilling. The ones that can be refilled tend to be more expensive.

    This being said it is also worthy to mention that recharging is just a matter of hours. You can plug your electric rechargeable lighter into a USB cable and wait for two hours. It will be fully charged and ready to be used around 200 times again.  

    The sound of energy:

    Some people have complained about the noise electric lighters make when they are on. Traditional lighters also have their noise, one of the flints trying to produce a spark. It may be a matter of getting used to this new sound just like we don't care anymore about the flint sound. Moreover, a small price has to be paid for a flameless lighter that will work under unbelievable circumstances.

    Windproof and waterproof:

    Traditional lighters don't work if they get wet. It doesn't matter if you let them dry completely, they won't probably work anymore. Electric lighters can be waterproof and can continue working if you let them dry, this is due to the different nature of the heat producing system.

    Electric flameless lighters happen to be also windproof. Since wind cannot mess with electric plasma, then it is not a problem for these lighters. There is no flame to protect with your hands, and therefore they are the best option for lighting cigarettes in the middle of a very windy afternoon in the outdoors.

    Places to find them:

    Traditional fuel lighters are sold in almost every corner shop. Since they are very cheap items, they can be found in multiple stores and also online. Electric lighters are not that easy to find. Online stores, such as Plasmarex.com, are always available to buy them but they may not be available in your old corner shop in town. This is due to its fairly recent fame and popularity.

    Safer than others:

    Some users have reported feeling much at ease when they use plasma electric lighters and not fuel ones. They claim they feel that the flame in traditional lighters is quite unstable and moves too much with the soft wind. This movement causes them to burn their fingers a little if they stay with the flame on for too long. Also, electric lighters have a protective case to prevent an accidental fire if the button is pressed while in a purse or pocket. This is a critical issue; we don't want our belonging caught on fire by accident.

    Options for smokers, campers and more:

    Electric lighters come now in a wide range of presentations, shapes, and colors. If you think your lighter is going to be mostly used for camping, traveling, or smoking you can find the one that best suits your needs. There are plenty of options to meet the requirements of each user. Not everybody is going to use an electric lighter just for smoking and lighting candles. Make sure you go through the description of different products until you find the one that you like the best.

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