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    6 Things You Must Look for in a Web Hosting Service

    Picking a web hosting service that is suitable for them is a difficult job for website owners. There are so many web hosting companies that claim to provide you with the best services, ranging from shared to dedicated servers.So, how do you know which is the right web host for you? The answer to this depends on your needs and demands. Ask yourself, what type of website are you building? How large can your website traffic be? Will your website need some special software? Some people can make do with shared hosting while others have to have dedicated web hosting. Looking for quality web hosting services?

    For some people, VPS hosting is better. For people who are new in this business, shared hosting is best because it is cheap and perfect for small websites. No matter what company you choose, you will still have the option of upgrading or switching to some other web host. However, spending too much time on switching web hosts is also not advisable. You need to critically evaluate your website's needs and then make a decision.

    6 Things You Must Look for in a Web Hosting Service

    In this article, we will inform you of 6 features that you must look for in a web hosting service.

    6 Things You Must Look for in a Web Hosting Service

    1.  Room to grow:

    An important question you need to ask your web hosting company is that if they can handle tons of traffic. Web hosts can sometimes crash if the traffic is too much and that is a big no for websites. You should be looking for a web host that can grow along with you and can let you upgrade your plan as your business grows.

    2.  Backup:

    Data loss is a common thing in the world of the computer, and hackers hack other people’s data when they get the chance. It falls on us to take the measure to prevent that. Your web host should backup your data regularly, and you should be able to restore it by yourself, so if the customer support is not responding, you can retrieve the data on your own. If your data is backed up, you can get back all or most of it in no time.

    3.  Server reliability:

    A website that takes too much time to load is useless. Your server needs to be operational 24 hours a day, and for that, you will need a server that is stable regarding their servers and internet connection. 99.95% uptime is acceptable, but nothing below 99% will be good enough. Your server should have mirrored servers, so in case one goes down, there is another one. A right web host will also provide you with support and customer care 24/7.

    4.  Accessibility:

    Most hosts let you have control over your website, but accessibility can be core issues in cases of some web hosts that do not let you make changes to your site. Avoid such kinds of hosts. According to the president and creative director of One Lily, Angela Nielsen, you should choose the server that gives you access to the server so you can create email accounts or can make changes to the server’s settings. Make sure to have the ability to check your email by logging online in case of emergency or when you are away from your computer.

    5.  Access to CDN:

    All the websites rely on speed, but some sites cannot afford a second’s delay because of such heavy traffic that can cause them to slow down. To avoid this, choose a web host that provides you access to a CDN. A CDN distributes your data worldwide, so the load is also distributed among the servers. Your user is provided the data s/he has requested, through the nearest data center, and it will take lesser time.

    6.  Add-on domain:

    A web host that allows adding multiple domains is necessary. No a days, most of the website owners own more than one domain, and that is why if you are going to choose a web host, make sure that it will be able to do it. With this feature, you can run multiple sites under a single web host. While choosing a web host, select a plan that can host more than one domain.

    When you are looking for a web host, make sure to pick one that suits your requirements. It is not as much about finding the best web host but more about finding the right one for you. I hope it helps you out! Good luck!

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