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    Make Your Construction Company Safer

    If you work in a construction company, or better yet, you own one, you probably know a whole lot about safety standards and requirements. Simply put, safety regulations save lives and money. The fewer people get injured, the less money needs to be paid as workers’ compensation, and the project won’t come to a halt. Construction consultants like http://www.xperagroup.com/ are here to ensure that the finished products are without issues, but attaining such a level of perfection requires a good construction company with a good safety record.

    Make Your Construction Company Safer

    However, cultivating an image of safety takes time and devotion. Essentially, you need to find a way to make all of your workers adopt that pattern of behavior. Over time, it will become their second nature and you won’t have to worry as much. So, here’s how you can help promote safety at work as told by construction industry game-changer, Boom & Bucket.

    Have Plenty of Training Seminars and Meetings

    Every worker needs to be trained before they start doing their job, as required by law. However, if you really want to have competent workers who will have high regard for safety, you should probably go a bit beyond the mandatory basic training.

    Teach your workers about the proper ways of using the equipment, about best safety practices as well as the safety gear that they have at their disposal. If you really value your workers’ safety and your company’s reputation, you should probably have a continual training program, where your workers go through these safety training periodically, rather than just once. You can refer and see it.

    Positive and Negative Reinforcement

    Even though it is frowned upon when educating children nowadays, positive and negative reinforcement does give good results, especially if the rewards and punishments are something people care deeply about, like their paycheck. If words and warnings do nothing to improve safety culture, monetary fines just might.

    In a nutshell, what you need to do is punish those who disregard safety practices, like wearing their personal protective equipment (PPE). On the other hand, you can impose penalties on those who disregard those safety rules. Over time, people will be incentivized to adhere to rules and start doing it instinctively, without thinking about it.

    Perform Inspections Every So Often

    If you don’t work on the construction site yourself, you cannot monitor your workers. Some people might exploit that to bend the rules to their benefits, or to do as little work as possible. You should try to visit the construction site as often as you can to let your workers know that their work is being supervised and that you are invested in that project.

    Some of the most common disregards for safety include not wearing PPE, leaving machinery, tools, and material unsupervised or in dangerous locations and improper handling of tools, especially power tools. However, if your workers know that you are likely to visit the construction site, they will be far less prone to such transgressions and will become more careful.

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    Keep Safety among Top Priorities

    As a construction company, you must have several priorities, like profit, quality and customer satisfaction. However, the safety of your construction site should be among the top priorities of your company, not just on the paper, but in practice as well.

    Not only is it the humane thing to do, because you aren’t willing to risk your workers’ safety for quicker results, but it can actually help with building timeline. Fewer accidents mean less time wasted investigating what had happened and more streamlined construction process.

    Construction site safety, then, saves you both time and money, not to mention the benefits of a good name as a responsible and effective building company. 

    Every worker needs to be trained before they start doing their job, as required by law by Workers Compensation Lawyers Massachusetts.

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