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    Top 5 Ways to Avoid a Pregnancy Test Error

    If you are quite confused about your condition, nervous and scared of what might be the result of your pregnancy test, then here are some tips to avoid errors. Whether your birth control pills might have failed or you’re enthusiasm to have a baby is at peak, you will have to make sure the test will be accurate.

    Technically, pregnancy tests do not fail and are 99% accurate but there are really cases that you encounter inaccurate results. There are instances when pregnancy tests detect hCG(human Chorionic Gonadotropin) not necessarily from real pregnant women. False positive pregnancy tests results are outcome of abnormality in the fertilized egg due to a recent miscarriage. 

    Top 5 Ways to Avoid a Pregnancy Test Error

    When to do pregnancy test? Period may be delayed so urine may contain hCG leading to an inaccurate test. False negative tests results emanate when testing at a very early stage. Some are caused by simple errors using the pregnancy test. Following instructions carefully is the key to a more accurate pregnancy test result. These 5 Tips will help you achieve the most precise results you need to give you peace of mind. Here we explained that Top 5 Ways to Avoid a Pregnancy Test Error.

    Top 5 Ways to Avoid a Pregnancy Test Error?

    1. Wait for a few weeks until you confirm you missed your period:

    You have to be patient in performing this test. Note that hCG count increases over time so when you wait a little longer, the more hormones to detect, hence, obtaining more accurate result. Testing too early, before you miss your period will surely result to false negative. This occurs particularly if you are uncertain of time when you ovulated.

    2. Remember to use the pregnancy test using your first urine when you wake up:

    Urine pregnancy test? It is strongly recommended by the Food and Drug Administration to administer the pregnancy test using your first pee in the morning. This is due to the fact that the hCG hormone is way easier to identify when your urine is more concentrated soon as you wake up in the morning.

    3. Avoid taking loads of fluids before you test your urine: 

    In cases wherein you miss the first urine in the morning, avoid drinking lots of water or beverage before testing. Drinking too many may dilute your urine thus, making your test results inaccurate.

    4. It is best to pee in a container first to test if you are pregnant:

    To acquire the most accurate results of your pregnancy test, pee in a container and dip the test in it. That way, you are guaranteed full saturation of the absorbent tip of the test plus you can avoid urine covering your hands, which is gross!

    5. Carefully follow instructions on using the pregnancy test:

    This is pure common sense but it is vital that you are cautious in following instructions.  If you are required to wait for 5 minutes to see the outcome, do so instead of rushing to see the result at once. If you are told to toss the test after a while, follow the instruction so you won’t be impatient in waiting for the final result.


    It’s important to have one of the best home pregnancy test tools when you desperately want to get a positive pregnancy test result. Following the above mentioned tips can most certainly remove any chances of having an error in your pregnancy test result.

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