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    How to Make Money on Fiverr 2017

    How to Make Money on Fiverr 2017? The internet has made it so much easier for an individual to earn money by selling his services to the one who is looking for it. Fiverr is a platform where an individual can generate income by offering your services to the employer all over the world. You just need to create your ID on Fiverr and then create a Gig where the minimum amount you can earn is $5. A Gig is also known as micro-job.

    How to Make Money on Fiverr 2017

    • Types of services one can provide

    On Fiverr, one can provide a different kind of services like software and programming, graphics and designing, online marketing, content writing, translation, music and audio, video and animation, and gifts, you can earn from $5 to $500 per micro-job.

    How to Make Money on Fiverr 2017?

    1.  Create an account:

    When you are creating an account, make sure that you select a proper photo, link your account with other social media account and write a proper description about who you are and what you are offering.People want to be sure that they are hiring a right person for a job. You should also add skills so that people can know what you can do. 

    2.  Create a Gig:

    After creating a Fiverr account or fiverr login, you are in a position to start earning money by offering your services. First, you need to create a Gig by clicking on the “create a gig button”after it, you will select a proper title that will tell a job you are offering;you will select correct category which matches the type of work that you are offering; and you will select the popular tag that matches your work and category.
    It is very important to select right category because if you will select the wrong category you will not get any offers from the employers because you will be targeting the irrelevant customers and it is important to select the catchy title to attract customers.

    3.  Select a correct price:

    In the beginning,it is better if you start with a lower price because your goal is to attract customers to your services and customers who like their jobs to be completed in a cost effective way so they will bid for the cheaper gig,until and unless they are sure about the service provider.

    After exposing your services to the maximum customers and gaining some experience, you can set a higher price for your service if you are successful in satisfying the customers.Initially, your focus should on satisfying your customers to get better ratings.

    4.  Provide description:

    After setting up a price, your job is to describe your gig in the best way possible. First, you will tell them what you are offering, then you will tell how your offer is best among other similar gigs and finally, you will them about your previous experience and work.

    In order to understand what you have to write in the description,you can check the description of others who are offering similar services.

    5.  Tell your requirement:

    After writing the description,you have to tell them what you require for them in order to complete their task.You have to add a Free Text to option to get their reply where they will give you information, which will help you in completing their task.

    6.  Set up Gallery:

    In a gallery, you can describe your service in a creative way that will attract more customers. You can describe your service with the help of picture and videos, videos are a proven way to gain more customers’ attention so it is better to add a video to your gallery.

    If you are providing graphics and designing or video and animation services then this is the best place to display your talent and make an impression. With the help of your gallery, an interested customer will know what kind of quality they can expect.

    7.  Publish your gig:

    After completing and following all the steps mentioned above correctly, you can publish your gig and start earning by receiving orders. At first, you will find difficulty in receiving bids, after sometimes you will start to see an increase in the number of bids because you would have gained some experience and received reviews in the form of rating. The higher the rating, higher the chances of receiving more bids. It is very important to satisfy your customer because they are the ones who rate your services. When you receive good ratings, you get in a position where more customers will ask for your services and you can charge more because of your reputation.


    Anyone who has certain skills can earn with the help of Fiverr.com after registration. All you have to do is create a gig by following the steps mentioned above and after publishing it, you can earn by completing a task received through a gig.In order to maximize your earning, set a lower price and receive the maximum rating.

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