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    A Novice’s Guide to How to Generate Leads for Business

    A novice’s guide to how to generate leads for business? We have all been through a similar situation. The most intense scene of the movie, the hero is dying and the swirling hot spaghetti is about to bloom the taste buds, when suddenly the phone rings. ‘May, I speak to Mr. Rajesh Kuthra..pa..ly, this is a call regarding your electric cooker preferences.

    Even though you’re potential customer recently wanted an electric cooker, but the interruption to his much awaited movie got him outraged and he slammed that receiver with a solid ‘NO’. It will not affect Mr. Koothrapali but it will certainly affect your business. 

    A Novice’s Guide to How to Generate Leads for Business

    Lead generation service provider must practice clever ideas to avoid solid ‘no’ from customer. Don’t be that annoying and interrupting movie night, pasta night cold caller. 

    To generate lead is more like climbing out of a deep pit. The process of converting potential customers and strangers into lead is known as lead generation. Attracting customers and finding numerous ways to lure and warm up potential customer towards a company and getting them on the path to buying your product is the core business of a telemarketer.  Considering the complications involved in the process, most businesses like acquiring lead generation services from experts. 

    Organic interest is significant for a company. Potential customers show a long-term relation with an organization or a firm. This assures the customer’s agility on buying your product or services somewhere down the line. Within the large domain of marketing services the lead generation process attract audience through blog post, keywords and social publishing. Now, convert the visitor to leads through forms, calls-to-action and landing pages. Once the customer has signed the deal with your firm by registering himself/herself follow-up the customer with e-mail to provide further assistance. You have reached the point where you can close the deal.

    How to generate leads for business? The basic question that arises for every vendor that offers lead generation services is how to qualify someone as lead? Leads are generated when a person shows interest towards your product or service. Fundamentally, a sale lead is generated through the collection of information. These information are collected through job seekers who is looking for a job, maybe a shopper who is trying to avail a coupon by completing an application form or an individual trying to download an educational piece of information.

    There are several ways you could consider someone as lead. They are,

    1.    Job Application: when a person fills an application-form for a particular job criteria he/she avails a lot of information like contact number, e-mail address etc. so that the company’s recruiting team can get in touch with the person for further consultant, qualifying the person as a lead.

    2.    Coupon: Online shoppers are fairly motivated to acquire coupon. However, it is not as popular as job application. But any valuable coupon would do well to a stranger and he/she is ready to provide every information in exchange for it. Although, it cannot be counted as a lot of information but a fair amount to consider the customer as lead and know that the person is interested in your company. 

    3.    Content: A good piece of content can assure help you initiate potential customer’s interest. In order to truly understand the value and interest of the customer an effort must be made to collect genuine information for a sales rep. 

    The above examples are just a few of the many ways through which an organization can generate leads. Moreover, these few examples also elaborate how effective lead generation services differ from company to company. Genuine pile of information is very important to gauge whether someone is interested in for your products or services. But, to know how much information is enough information depends upon an organization.  

    Now, that we have walked through the path on how to qualify someone as lead, let’s look at the overview on how to generate leads? There are a few components to generate leads. A visitor got an exposure of your business through one of your marketing channels like the website, blog or content. One of your channel must include a CTA (call-to-action), it is an image button or a message button that requests customer to take further action. Once the button is clicked it directs you to the landing page. It is a web page where the visitors lay eye on for a distinct purpose. Landing pages influences lead to fill-up forms. Forms are a series of field that collects general information about the visitor for an exchange offer. Thus, you converted a visitor to lead.

    How to generate leads for business? In short, everything mentioned in this blog is from a beginner’s point of view. Keep distributing boundless and exciting offers, CTA, landing page, and promote them on multiple social media environments. A keen observer will always stay alert on what their competitors are doing, shape innovative ideas, and risk on it to achieve massive success in the long-run.

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