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    Top 5 Best Clothing Brands for Mens - GFN Clothing & more!

    Clothing brands and streetwear are being influenced by celebrity culture and music culture, so we expect to see a lot of celebrity endorsed clothing brands being added into the high street mix. New and independent top mens clothing brands give you the freedom to express your own personal style and individuality in a way that high street shops fail to do. So if you’re looking for a way of standing out from the crowd in 2017, here are some best brands for clothing you should consider wearing…

    Top 5 Best Clothing Brands for Mens in 2017

    Top 5 Best Clothing Brands for Mens

    1. Antony Morato:

    Antony Morato are an Italian mens wear brand that combine style withdecadence. The minimalistic clothing brand was built on the foundation of providing simple, accessible quality and best clothing brands for men. One of the most unique aspects of this brand are the reoccurring colours used in every item of clothing. The gold, silver and black colours represent sophistication, sports and seasonal trends. So if you’re looking for a minimal way to make a bold fashion statement, then this brand is worth a look.

    2. BOY London:

    Stephanie Raynor founded this brand in 1976 and since then it has been the embodiment of underground street style. The revival of the brand in 2007 has seen popularity for the brand soar, with a massive celebrity following. BOY London are famous for their distinguished eagle logo and fearless aesthetics. 2017 is leaning towards the big, the bold and the bright, so if you’re looking for top clothing brands for men that really makes you stand out from the crowd, then this will definitely send you on your way.

    3. GFN Clothing:

    GFN Clothing was created in 2011 and since then, has been sported by countless reality TV stars and musicians. The iconic butterfly logo is a symbol of “taking a humble beginning and creating greatness”. 2017 is the year of streetwear, so if you’re looking for distinguished hoodies, joggers and jackets then check these guys out.

    4. Folk:

    Minimalism has been growing in popularity, it has infiltrated our homes, our mind sets and now it has come to influence our style. Folk clothing is a completely unique brand that embodies minimalism. This clothing brand is a step aside from streetwear and is a combination of muted tones and artistic patterns. In 2017 minimalism is going to explode, so if you’re looking for a change from the norm, definitely have a look into Folk.

    5. Blvck Clothing:

    Top brands in clothing range has been designed to offer more depth to streetwear and to spark conversation about societal issues, politics and religion. Their brightly coloured clothes juxtapose the dark undertones of the images and words they scrawl across them. Blvck clothing are the best way to get a person talking in future.

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