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    5 Recent Trends in HRM & Its Recruitment

    Recent Trends in HRM? Positive changes are required in every company and business organization to ensure proper growth and development. Some business policies and strategies might need to be changed for overall betterment. Like other business policies and strategies, the recruitment strategy also needs to be planned well in advance for a company. Demands of skilled talent are high and will keep on increasing with time. More and more numbers of people will be looking for job opportunities and recruiters will need to filter the best candidates from the lot. With various kinds of social marketing skills and recruitment technology, finding the best candidate for a particular position has become slightly easier. 

    Recent Trends in HRM & Its Recruitment

    What is HRM?

    Mentioned below find some changing trends which HRs are expecting in the recruitment industry:

    Recent Trends in HRM & Its Recruitment

    1. The capability of converting talent and winning over candidates will be difficult: 

    Gone are the days when the main role of the HR was to attract candidates for a specific job profile. Now the game is converting the talent for the job. This transition of recruiters will be greatly seen in this year. Experts in recruitment industry opine that with the help of various kinds of tools and technological advancements and developments, recruiters will be able to convert more numbers of candidates successfully. ChatBot and Live Chat Facilities have helped candidates in interacting with companies directly. This has naturally boosted the conversion rates. Evolution of HRM are expected to be adept with latest trends in technology for converting candidates in this competitive recruitment industry.

    2. HRs get prominence in the executive table:

    Recent trends in human resource management officers and recruiters always remained in the background in any organization. They quietly hunted for the right candidates for the different positions available in the company and filled in the gaps successfully. And when these candidates did a great job for the company, they got rewarded and applauded, but the HRs did not get a part of appreciation of selecting the best candidate. Trends are changing and HRs are getting prominence in the executive table of the organization. They have become integral part of the decision-making process of the company. HR leaders have welcomed this step heartily as it is their department, which directly helps in corporate growth and development of the company.

    3. Greater investment in social marketing recruitment endeavors:

    Latest trends in HR: All leading recruitment industry gurus believe that in 2017, marketing will play an important role in the job market. In order to attract more and more numbers of candidates for a job and convert them successfully, the recruitment solutions team has to work in close coordination with the marketing team. This will help in creating the best brand identity for the organization. Both external and internal recruitment teams are emphasizing on investing more in social media marketing as rates of conversion are high from this platform. For strategic marketing of candidates, it is important that the recruitment team and the marketing team work in-tandem with one another. Recruitment efforts have seen great results when social media platforms have been used for the same.

    4. Coaching and recruitment will be integrally linked with one another:

    There was a time when recruited candidates for a job profile had no idea regarding the job they had to do. They got recruited as they fitted the academic and professional qualifications and passed the interview in some manner. While for some companies, the experience was good; for most it was not so good. In 2017, coaching will be provided in the initial stages of recruitment to the career development phase. With the help of effective coaching, the candidate will be able to align better with the company culture thus understanding the nature of working of the corporate organization. This hyper-personalized experience has proved to be life-changing for many candidates and they welcome it open heartedly. With scopes of open discussions and learning, the recruitment process becomes a pleasant one for the recruiter as well as for the candidate. Current trends in information technology also belong to HR management.

    The recruitment industry is turning to these mediums as well via videos and live streaming facilities. Resume parser is now the best HR technology that is used to hire employees.

    5. Reaching to candidates via interactive platforms:

    Recent trends in management is a well known fact that interactive mediums and audio-visual platforms help in getting connected to people more easily. The recruitment industry is turning to these mediums as well via videos and live streaming facilities. Companies are creating video advertisements and video contents to reach successfully to more numbers of candidates. In the recruitment process, the videos not only talk about the job profile, but help in providing a glimpse regarding the culture of the company. Creating a small, interesting and informative video on the company has become important and is being widely implemented in the recruitment strategy. 

    These changes are sure to bring a boost to the recruitment industry and best candidates for job profiles will be found. 

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