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    How to Get Rid of Skin Tags


    Want to know How to Get Rid of Skin Tags? Here top 10 natural home remedies for skin tags. Skin tags are not malicious tumor which can bring in many problems like cancer. They are normally innocuous although they are the cause of disfiguration for patients. Skin tags take place regardless of gender, which means they can happen in not only male but also female.  Rather than go to the doctor with high cost, we can eliminate skin tags by some tips of natural home remedies. 

    Take a note that this skin problem can be found mostly on various area of the body, including the arms, breast, lower parts of the armpits and neck. Those tags have small size as well as deformed shape. Both women and men can experience those fleshy outgrowths.



    It is said that this skin issue are engendered because of excessive accumulation of collagen or blood vessels stuck inside skin. Those tags are regarded as the consequence of skin rubbing that usually happens to creases and skin folds. According to some empirical research, skin tags are believed to be occurred mostly in some people who are:

    • Individuals have obesity due to the fact that their skins have more folds and creases than normal people.
    • People have pregnancies due to the alternation of hormone.
    • People contract diabetes.
    • People contract papilloma virus, which can be referred to HPV 6 or 11.
    • People put up with the vacillating level of sex steroid hormones.
    • Skins are rubbed by shaving or accessories. 



    We can call for some symptom easily seen such as:

    • Small tag of skin outgrow which are soft and pink in color.
    • They are indolent
    • The shape of each skin tag varies.
    • They can grow anywhere in our bodies. However, they regularly occur in neck, upper chest or breast.
    • They usually occur in the middle age.

    Natural Home Remedies For Skin Tags

    1. Tea Tree Oil


    Tea tree oil becomes best natural home remedy in getting rid of skin tag with extremely affordable price. You just need to dip cotton pads in water then fall about 2 drops of the oil. Afterwards, gently scratch the pad on skin tags. This treatment should be reiterated 2 times each day until skin tags disappear.

    2. Onion Juice


    People can use the juice from onion blended with some salt then apply this mixture directly on skin tags and leave them through nights. Apply this mixture as a daily routine for about 7 days. The result will surprise you a lot.

    3. Castor Oil and Baking Soda


    Using the combination of castor oil with baking soda applies on skin tag. Leave this mixture over nights and then cleanse with water on the following morning. Use it every night during continuously ten days. Reiterate this method till skin tags are eliminated.

    4. Pineapple Juice


    Use pineapple juice as an effective natural home remedy for skin tags by covering on skin tag 4 times per day. Reiterate this process for more 12 days till skin tags vanish. How simple this method is! Don’t forget: you should not wash away pineapple juice each day, just leave it.

    5. Garlic

    As simple as pineapple juice, with similar process, you can use garlic juice to cover skin tags. Note: you should replace used garlic by new piece of garlic every morning.

    6. Nail polish


    Nail polish for skin tags? You also can apply nail polish on skin tags 4 times daily then leave it. Reiterating 4 times on a daily basic during 7 days, you will be astounded at how effective this method is.

    7. Aloe Vera


    Cover skin tag with the juice from aloe vera leaves and then let it dry. Repeat during 10 days. Skin tags will be easily rooted off.

    8. Vitamin E Oil


    Vitamin E oil is one of the best natural home remedies for skin tags. Vitamin E oil acts as a catalyst to the healthy skin with antioxidant substance. People can use pure vitamin E oil to eliminate skin tag. 
    Process: Apply vitamin E oil to the skin tags a few times daily during one month. Skin tags will vanish magically.

    9. Coconut Oil


    There are many natural home remedies for skin tags. However, coconut oils may be regarded as the cheapest one. Coconut oil holds lauric acid which plays an important part in eradicating bacteria. Apply coconut oil over skin tag and gently rub every night. The skin tags should be gradually gone.

    10. Oil of Oregano


    Oil of oregano contains some substances which impede fungal effectively. Rub directly oregano oil on the skin tags for several times during a day. Let it naturally dry. Reiterate this process as a routine every night and wait for the vanishing of skin tags. 

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