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    The Advantages and Disadvantages of Smartphones

    Nowadays everyone has a smartphone and the majority of smartphone that allows the user to connect to the internet. By using the smartphone the people is sending emails, making phone calls, texting,  taking photos, and etc. The list of the smartphone uses multiples by the ten thousand and grows longer every day and the invention of the smartphone one of the biggest advertisement in the globe of technology.
    Advantages and Disadvantages of Smartphones

    The Advantages and Disadvantages of Smartphones

    The main advantages and disadvantages of smartphones come with the endless application and the smartphone is normally slow down the speed of the typing. The smartphones can natively provide directions through GPS, play music and contacts take pictures and keep track of the appointments and contacts.


    The smartphone has a number of the setbacks for instance and they are very costly.  The complaining about the services and the products become a whole lot easier when you can do it through Facebook and twitter on your smartphone.

    QWERTY keyboard


    The smartphone have the ability to browse the full website with the larger amount of the data and it also has QWERTY keyboard, it is similar to the computer keyboard and it will appear the same way ad it is the desktop browser. The smartphone can be great for the drivers and one of the Advantages and disadvantages of smartphones are you can use smartphone apps, like what apps, google maps and others. There are certain social situations where it is just not acceptable to have a smartphone and these types of phones are very expensive.

    Create and edit the MS office document


    Every smartphone have the application that can help you to create and edit the Microsoft office document and the keyboard can be hardware so you want to type physically. The smart is essentially a smaller screen computer and you can carry out a various range of the task. 

    Online mobile recharge and bill payment


    By using the smartphone everyone can easily purchase in online and bill payment, online mobile recharge, and other facilities are available in the smartphones.

    Social media on smartphones


    The Advantages and disadvantages of smartphones when you are sending a message to a Smartphone is very easy when compared to the normal phone. It will send an email and other social media messages are very easy and it can synchronize your personal and professional email account. The price of the smartphone is very high when compared to the normal phone and many of the applications are needed to be on the smartphone.

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    Problems of the smartphone

    The smartphones are not durable especially when not taken the extra care and it cannot be used to store a large amount of the data due to their storage memory. There are some apps that allow a friend to track the location of using this phone and the risk of your phone can be hacked spied upon. The biggest problem of the smartphone is smashed screen and you want to spend more money to replace the screen. In the smartphone, there are costs for different services and charges for buying apps and store lot of information on the smartphone and many apps log you in automatically giving anyone with your phone access in online.

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