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    Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp Benefits & Pink Salt Uses


    Salt is no doubt a vital element in the human body and an inevitable part of  our food so, we cannot take its importance away from our daily cooking. There are different types and different uses of salt in the world. Mainly, we categorize salt in two categories, one is good salt or right salt  and other is bad salt ! While I was conducting a research for the right kind of salt for the health of my father as he is an old man suffering from high blood pressure symptoms and some other cardio vascular disorders, I met a health consultant who advised me to use Himalayan pink salt in my kitchen for cooking purposes and in my room living room as salt rock lamp benefits in replacement of ordinary electric lamps, I was amazed by qualities and health benefits that the Himalayan pink salt has been rendering to the people of current era. Its essential benefits invoked in me a desire to know more about benefits and uses of this natural pink salt. 

    Due to enormous health benefits, which the pink salt offers, there are a number of different uses of this great salt type. Following are the few great Himalayan salt uses that I found through my research:

    1.  Gourmet Salts

    Because of its naturally “dense mineral” nature and number of various benefits that are directly linked with the human health through the diet, this salt is becoming ever popular for all the top chefs and even in the kitchens of the ordinary individuals. The people are becoming more and more conscious of the nutritional values and are now looking for the natural chemical free health boosting products such as himalayan rock salt benefits salt that has the best value for their health. This salt is flying off on every departmental store’s shelve and people are replacing their traditional edible salt and the seasoning with it.

    2.  Salt Lamps

    Himalayan salt lamp health benefits are important to our life. Because of the mineral composition and the other bio compounds, this salt is acting in multiple ways to increase the health and wellness of the people. Companies are using this salt to make natural air purifying objects such as a salt lamp benefits that emits negative ions in the air to make the indoor environment clean and purified where one can breathe easily in an allergen-free atmosphere. So, you can also grab these unique salt lamps and put them in your bedrooms and other living areas where you need a conditioned air.

    3.  Salt Blocks

    The Himalayan salt blocks are also gaining popularity worldwide. A salt block is a great addition to every kitchen and it’s a large piece of the pink salt that is carved by the hands to form a plate shape. These salt plates can be used to serve or cook the seafood, vegetables, chicken and also the cold dishes such as the raw fish. Again, the 84 minerals of the Himalayan salt will do plenty of benefits while you are cooking on it.

    4.  Mineral Soak

    If you are feeling tired and stressed at the end of a hectic day job, then you can plan a salt and mineral bath as it is a great way to relax through simultaneously infusing your skin and the body with the minerals and hydration. The skin soaks up the minerals from the water through the dermal absorption process.

    5.  Detoxification

    The Himalayan salt is added to the warm bathwater in order to get the necessary nutrients to the body through the salt bath. Along with that, the Himalayan pink salt also works as a very strong detoxifier as it turns into an ionic solution after dissolving in the water, and then it draws all the toxins right out of your skin and the adipose tissues. The Himalayan salt will offer a unique healing mineral infusion and that along with the minerals will make you feel refreshed and a lot more energized. Thus himalayan salt health is always valuable to our life.

    In fact, there are a lot more uses and the health benefits of using this mineral dense salt version. I will recommend you to replace the traditional processed salt (if you are using one) with the great Himalayan pink salt to get all the health advantages that are linked with it. I am more than happy by using this version of the salt and I am pretty much sure that you will also get benefit from its minerals and bio compounds that are found naturally in this salt.

    Author: Syeda Bushra Anjum is the content writer in WBM  international and WBM Foundation. She has writing content on various topics, well versed in writing academic contents and creative contents at ease.  

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