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    5 Ways on How To Take Care of Organza Sarees at Home

    Organza is a beautiful sheer fabric made chiefly of silk. Innovative organza fabrics made from synthetic materials like rayon, polyester, and nylon gained popularity with their beauty and stunning appearance over time. In recent years, organza has become a cult favorite for sarees, lehengas, dresses, and bridal gowns. Compared to other typical saree fabrics, organza sarees are delicate and lightweight. Therefore, when wearing organza sarees to parties, festivals, or other occasions, you must take extra care of them. Find out how by reading on.

    Ways on How To Take Care of Organza Sarees at Home

    1. Washing Organza Sarees The Right Way

    Your lovely organza sarees need to be handled with caution. Initiate with a water test on a discreet, small section of the fabric. It's essential to use professional dry cleaning or follow the detailed wash/care instructions provided by the saree label. Then, observe if there are any unfavorable reactions, such as stretching, shrinking, tightening, or wrinkling. However, if your organza saree passes the water test, follow these instructions to hand wash it:

    Pour a gallon of cold water over 1-2 spoons of mild detergent.

    Submerge the entire saree in the water, then give it 30 minutes to soak gently.

    After washing, thoroughly rinse it in cold water under running faucets until no soap residue is visible.

    2. Drying The Organza Sarees Properly

    Your priceless organza saree should never be wrung. Instead, push a towel over the saree to remove the excess water. Never leave your favorite organza sari hanging in the sun. Instead, dry your saree in a shaded region. The saree should always be dried on a flat surface. The delicate fabric of the organza saree will become permanently creased if it is hung in the closet.

     3. Proper Storage of Organza Sarees

    It's crucial to store your apparel correctly if you want to enjoy the chicness of organza for an extended period of time. Remember that if the organza dress is hung in a closet, it could be in danger. The delicate fabric may snag on the zippers, hooks, or fasteners as you put on and remove the other clothing. To avoid rips and snags, carefully fold the saree and keep it in a box, drawer, or shelf. After being wrapped in a soft muslin towel, your saree can be kept in a dry, cool location.

    4. Ironing The Organza Sarees

    To prevent creases and iron the saree, use tissue paper and put it between its folds. Avoid storing the saree in plastic bags since the fabric might retain moisture within the bag, leading to mould growth. The experts advise periodically refolding your organza garment to avoid ripping and long-lasting wrinkles in the material.

    5. Removing Stains From The Organza Fabric 

    Discovering a bothersome and persistent stain on your favorite organza saree can be terrible. However, a solution exists to remove these stains, so don't be discouraged. Use a gentle stain solution to clean up the stain. Apply the efficient solution to the stained area and let it sit for a few minutes to work. Now, thoroughly clean the discolored area with cold water, which will be new. If this doesn't work, use a small amount of vinegar and rinse it lightly.

    These pointers mentioned above will assist you in effortlessly taking care of your lovely organza sarees at home. If the saree has specific directions for dry cleaning, go ahead and do it. And keep in mind to store them safely at home so that if you keep them for an extended period, it doesn't smell.

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