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    Fashion Shortcut: Time Saving Clothing Hacks for Busy Individuals

    Time and tide wait for none, not even fashion. Nothing is worse than facing a fashion disaster, especially on a day you’re already running late. But instead of changing your outfit and taking a few minutes to style it right, we have quick clothing hacks for you. 

    Clothing hacks are saviors because they bring a twist to your entire style game. Whether you are worried about loose-fitting jeans, broken buttons, or a broken zipper, clothing hacks have your back. 

    Are you getting ready for a date but have discovered a faulty zipper that won’t stay in place? Instead of changing your bottom, we bring you a quick clothing hack to solve your trouble. All you need is a key ring, and you’re all sorted. Put the zipper through the key ring and unbutton your pants. Pull up the zip and loop the key ring through the button before buttoning your pants as usual. This trick will save you from fashion embarrassment. 

    On days you’re getting late and can’t afford to change your bottoms despite the faulty zipper, try this clothing hack and save time. There are several other clothing hacks that you can try for an on-point look, such as:

    Fashion Shortcut Time Saving Clothing Hacks for Busy Individuals

    1. Match your socks like a pro: 

    Mismatched socks can undo all your sartorial effort, which is why you should match your socks like a pro. Generally, your socks should match your trousers, but a shade darker or lighter also works. 

    2. Kill creases with ice cubes: 

    Wrinkles will bring down your entire look, so creases should be tended to immediately. If you don’t have the time to iron your clothes, try chucking your shirt into a dryer with a few ice cubes and run the machine on the hottest steam, which will relax the creases and give your shirt a smooth finish. 

    3. Wash jeans inside out: 

    Experts say jeans rarely need washing but with all the dirt and dust it collects, you must wash them occasionally if you wear them often. But too much washing can cause the color to fade, so the best hack is to turn your jeans inside out before putting them on for washing to prevent color bleeding.

    4. Replace your laces: 

    Dirty shoes can give away your entire look because people subconsciously notice your footwear when they meet you for the first time. To make your shoes appear as good as new, you must wash your shoelaces or replace them with new ones occasionally. 

    5. Fold blazers inside out: 

    If you don’t have enough space in your wardrobe to place them separately, fold them inside out to prevent creasing. You can also hang them individually on a hanger to prevent them from wrinkling. 

    These clothing hacks are handy and will help you save time and from a fashion disaster. Follow these fashion hacks to bring a twist to your style game.

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