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    How To Select a Smartphone by Parameters?

    The consultant is asked how to choose a smartphone, deep down hoping for an accurate hit. And the reality is this: some store specialists need advanced training, others impose a specific brand, brand, and only a few, love and know their business, and sincerely try to understand the needs of the client.

    How To Select a Smartphone by Parameters

    Body materials and design

    Today there is a choice between plastic, metal, or glass body. There are also rubber inserts.

    Let's start with a simple option - a plastic smartphone. This material is affordable, durable, resistant to twisting and bending, and excellently conducts radio waves. The potential color scheme depends on the level of craziness of the design team. You should be able to pick up an inexpensive smartphone in this category with an appropriate price, as long as it's not some proprietary composite or fiberglass-reinforced plastic.

    Metal appliances attract attention with a stylish look, and a certain atmosphere of high cost is created. And the metal pleasantly cools the palms, and in the TOP segment, designers work hard on tactility. When we talk about which smartphone to choose, value for money plays a major role, and it is also important to take into account the cons. So, the metal shields (beats off) the waves, so unesthetic plastic inserts are needed for reliable reception of the network and wireless charging. And device owners also complain about strong heating when the performance is not enough for the tasks.

    How to choose a smartphone if you have high aesthetic needs and no budget restrictions? Look towards the glass surfaces, but if you know how to handle things carefully. Glass in the hand looks like a luxury item, "plays" with visual effects, and does not interfere with the radio wave. Cons of the material: slippery, scratches, breaks easily.

    Rubber end caps are made for protection and cushioning. Usually, these are protected, deliberately brutal models, invulnerable to pressure, shock, extreme temperatures and environments, and shaking. Which smartphone can you choose from the "unkillable" section? Look for MIL-STD-810G (American military standard) certified protection or IP-68, IP-69K enclosure rating.

    Screen Specifications

    When you start choosing a smartphone by parameters, pay attention to the screen. IPS matrix on the display is bright and saturated, while quite a budget. But when excellent color reproduction, clarity, and detail are a priority, look toward the top OLED displays. Check out the HONOR 90 deals with amazing screen displays and features.

    If you're looking for a large screen, resolution is paramount. Full HD (1920×1080) and Full HD+ (2160×1080) are high-definition standards and one of the most important features of smartphones.

    In 2023, it is not enough to look for a balance, on how to choose an inexpensive but good smartphone. You need to clearly understand the purpose of the device. Either this is a compact carry in your pocket or purse and has basic functions, or the tool will solve a variety of tasks - watching movies, creating multimedia, working with documents, and mobile photography.


    What is the best smartphone to choose among two / three / four core models? The fewer cores, the better the savings. But is the savings worth the nerves and restrictions when launching applications?

    For gaming purposes, special products are being developed:

    • CPU on 8 cores
    • Large amount of internal memory
    • A decent amount of RAM


    How is RAM different from internal? The first is a volatile part of the system, the RAM stores the program code and data processed by the processor. For flagships, the amount of RAM starts at 4 GB, more is better. State employees with their 2 GB for 2023 are slow to process information and cannot cope with a large number of processes.

    To store files and download the application, you will need internal memory (at least 64-128 GB). Budget models in this regard are far behind the flagships (16-32 GB versus 256-512 GB). The problem is largely solved by the SD card slot (removable media option).


    Adepts of mobile photography know that not only the number of megapixels determines the quality of the final picture. Of course, the clarity and detail of such matrices are at their best, but optics and aperture are much more important.

    How to choose the right smartphone for photography and what brand? Samsung and Sony's modules are highly praised for their autofocus reliability and reliability. The aperture, which is also aperture, is good in a camera phone if the denominator is a small number (F / 1.7 is better than F / 2.0). The more light that enters the lens, the more difficult shooting conditions can be overcome. And on a large “hole” you can achieve a beautiful artistic bokeh effect.

    In terms of focal length, everything is simple: the shorter the focus, the wider the field of view. Modern smartphones are equipped with excellent wide-angle cameras, and it is also possible to use modes (portrait, macro, zoom, ultra-wide-angle).


    To choose a smartphone in 2023 in terms of battery parameters and price, you can focus on the middle class and the "golden mean" of 3500 mAh. With a standard / enhanced load, a phone with such energy intensity can be charged overnight and reliably operated all day.

    Modern games and resource-intensive applications heavily load the gadget and quickly drain the battery. Therefore, put forward high requirements for capacity: from 4000 mAh and above, otherwise you will have to charge several times a day or buy a power bank. Fast charging technology (Quick Charge) is very useful and relevant, it saves time with increased energy consumption.

    Special devices are also produced with a reinforced battery of 5580-10000 mAh. These are needed by tourists, hunters, fishermen, military, and builders.


    Today, every whim is feasible - from design to technical equipment and additional functions (compatibility with wireless headphones, multiple SIM cards, NFC adapter). The main thing is to understand why the device is needed, and what maximum budget you are counting on. Make the right choice!

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