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    Chikankari Kurti Trends for 2023: What to Look Out For

    Chikankari is a traditional Indian embroidery style that has been popular for centuries. It was created in Lucknow. It involves embroidery on cotton, chiffon, and georgette that is delicate and intricate. Because they are easy to wear and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, chikankari kurtis are a popular choice among women. Let's take a look at some of the Chikankari kurti trends to keep an eye out for as the year 2023 approaches.

    Chikankari Kurti Trends for 2023: What to Look Out For

    1.  Bright Colors:

    Chikankari work was traditionally done on white or pastel-colored fabrics. However, there has been a trend toward bolder and more vibrant colors in recent years. In 2023, hope to see Chikankari kurtis in lively shades like fuchsia, turquoise, and mustard. Not only do these colors add color to your wardrobe, but they also make a statement.

    2.  Silhouettes:

    While the Chikankari weaving stays conventional, the kurti's outlines have developed to stay aware of present-day style. Chikankari kurtis will likely have unusual sleeves, asymmetrical hemlines, and interesting cuts. These contemporary styles add a hint of innovation to the conventional Chikankari weaving, settling on it a flexible decision for different events.

    3.  Fusion Clothing:

    Chikankari kurtis are not an exception to the popularity of the fusion wear trend in 2023. For a fusion look, expect to see Chikankari kurtis paired with palazzo pants, jeans, or skirts. For a more formal appearance, you can also try layering by pairing Chikankari kurtis with jackets or blazers.

    4.  Motifs of Flowers:

    In Chikankari embroidery, floral motifs have always been a staple and will continue to be popular in 2023. Nonetheless, hope to see these themes in various sizes and examples, making them more flexible. Whether it's a little flower theme or a larger-than-usual one, these plans add a hint of gentility to your Chikankari kurti.

    5.  Handloom Textures:

    Chikankari kurtis are no exception to the trend toward eco-friendly and sustainable fashion in recent years. In 2023, hope to see Chikankari kurtis in handloom textures like khadi, material, and natural cotton. Not only do these fabrics help the environment, but they also give your Chikankari kurti a unique texture.

    6.  Embroidery:

    These kurtis are characterized by their intricate Chikankari embroidery, but minimalist embroidery is also gaining popularity. In 2023, hope to see Chikankari kurtis with negligible weaving on the neck area or sleeves, making them a more unpretentious and flexible decision for different events.

    7.  Sleeves that Stand Out:

    The Chikankari kurti has always had sleeves, and in 2023, you can expect statement sleeves. These distinctive designs, which range from bell sleeves to bishop sleeves, give your Chikankari kurti a touch of drama.


    Chikankari kurtis have been a staple of fashion for centuries and are still in high demand. Chikankari kurtis will combine traditional and contemporary styles in 2023, making them suitable for a variety of occasions. There is a Chikankari kurti for everyone, whether it's one in bright colors or one with minimal embroidery.

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