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    Types of Bracelets That Everyone Needs

    Bracelets aren’t for everyone, but there are several bracelet types that everyone should keep in their jewelry box. Designer bracelets are some of the simplest accessories to introduce into a wardrobe for men and women alike. Bracelets have been around almost forever. Since their invention, they have been worn around the wrist, and they started as status symbols. Similarly, they were often worn as protective arm guards in times when fighting was the norm. Today, though, bracelets are solely accessories and are worn to embellish an outfit. To that avail, detailed below are the types of bracelets that everyone needs in their jewelry box.

    Tennis Bracelets

    Tennis Bracelets

    First up are tennis bracelets, which are eternity strands traditionally containing diamonds. That said, tennis bracelets are now available with more affordable gems, meaning you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get the look. Tennis bracelets tend to be symmetrical, with connected gemstones on a chain or metal fixture. They can be elasticated or rigid; however, each of the stones tends to be the same color and size. Tennis bracelets are up there with being some of the most timeless jewelry pieces due to their global appeal and versatility. 

    Open Bangle Bracelets

    Open bangles are usually circular and contain a small opening. These pieces can be rigid and sturdy; however, they can also be relatively flexible. The rigid pieces tend to be singular metallic strands, whereas the flexible options are usually beaded or crafted from sleeker metals. Open bangles tend to have a couple of decorative elements, typically in the form of gems at the end of each bar or interlocked designs. These decorative elements are ideal for engraving, should the wearer want a personalized design. Essentially, they’re sleek and simple, making them a worthy addition to any jewelry box. 

    Bangle Bracelets

    Unlike open bangles, standard bangles are completely rigid, usually circular, and have no flexibility whatsoever. Bangles are quite different from any other bracelet, as they have no closures whatsoever. The simplicity of bangles allows them to be worn in a multitude of ways, whether they’re placed high up on the arm, loose around the wrist, worn as part of a layered ensemble, or used as a singular statement piece. Typically speaking, they’re made of metal; however, wooden, stone, glass, and plastic bangles have since become commonplace. Bangles aren’t fiddly, making them the easiest type of bracelet to navigate. 

    Pearl Bracelets

    Pearl Bracelets

    Of course, genuine pearl bracelets are incredibly expensive and won’t be affordable options for most people. Despite this, faux pearls are now available, meaning the look is more accessible. Classic pearls tend to be white; however, they often get dyed to appear in any number of shades. Some of the most popular colors include copper, silver, black, peacock, gold, peach, pink, champagne, ivory, and more. Pearl bracelets are great for layering; however, they also work well on their own. Ultimately, however, if you wish you wear a pearl bracelet, their appearance permits it. 

    Chain Bracelets

    Last but not least, chain bracelets are crafted from metallic links. There are several ways in which this can be achieved, but some of the most common include rope chains, wheat chains, curb chains, byzantine chains, box chains, oval links, and cable chains. Typically, they’re made from metals like stainless steel, silver, or gold; however, several other materials are common, too. These include wood and plastic. Chain bracelets aren’t stretchy or expandable, meaning a closure is required. Therefore, it’s important to get the right size of chain bracelet to ensure comfort.

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