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    7 Top Foods to Include in Your Diet for Healthy Eyes

    The eyes are one of the most important organs which should be given utmost care. Since we all see mobiles and laptops for a longer period, it is important to reduce the risk of eye problems by taking care of your eyes both internally and externally. 

    When it comes to external care, here are some of the tips that should be followed on regular basis:

    1.  Wash your eyes with plain water every morning.

    2.  Use a good eye cream in your AM and PM routine for keeping your eyes hydrated and nourished.

    3.  If you feel your eyes are dull or tired, initially wash them with cold water.

    4.  You can use eye-refreshing mists like rose water. Dab a cotton ball in rose water, and place them above your closed eyes for 5 - 10 min for an instant refreshed feel.

    5.  Do eye exercises like blinking, moving - Left to Right, Right to Left, Sideways, Clockwise, and Anti-Clockwise directions. Try to blink your eyes now and then, to reduce eye strain.

    Top Foods to Include in Your Diet for Healthy Eyes

    When it comes to internal care, there are a lot of foods that you should intake for better eye vision:

    1.  Sweet Potatoes:

    Since this is one of the foods which is rich in beta-carotene which is a form of vitamin A, it helps in keeping your vision clear and healthy at the same time. You can just steam them for 10 - 15 mins, and the sweet yummy dish is ready to be served. Since they are also rich in fiber, it helps in easing constipation.

    2.  Eggs:

    One of the superfoods is easily available in almost all homes. There are different ways to consume them like boiling them, omelet, or in dosa or bread for filling your breakfast or lunch. Since they are also packed with proteins it helps in muscle building too.

    3.  Spinach:

    Adding green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, broccoli, etc., helps in making your eyes and skin healthier. It helps in keeping your vision healthy and clear at the same time.

    4.  Gummies:

    If you are looking for an easier version, then eye gummies are one of the best choices to go with. Getting a natural sugar version will make the gummies even healthier. The gummies are packed with a lot of antioxidants and are a healthy version that can be consumed regularly.

    5.  Carrots:

    As we all know, carrots are one of the go-to vegetables which help in making your eyes better. You can either consume it as a morning drink just by blending it or by adding it with chilled milk. You can even include them in your curries or side dishes for your lunch.

    6.  Fish:

    One of the best and healthy versions of non-vegetarian food which can be consumed every week. You can steam them or shallow dry them, or even deep fry them for making them yummy.

    7.  Nuts & Seeds:

    Having nuts and seeds regular;y will help in making your skin glow and at the same time your body to be healthy too. The natural oils present in them will help in making your skin glow. Since seeds like flax, chia seeds, etc are rich in omega-3, it helps in keeping your eyes healthy.

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