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    6 Types of Footwear That Every Woman Requires in Their Closet

    Shopping trips for women can be an equally exciting and challenging affair, all because there are simply too many options. This struggle to just shop for everything the market has to offer is a very familiar one for shoe lovers. However, all rationality points towards the impossibility of such a prospect, the next best option is shopping for versatile women's shoes that will go with all your looks.

    Keeping in mind the right women's shoes for all your formal, casual, business casual, party, and ethnic occasions, here are 6 types of footwear that every woman needs in her closet!

    6 Types of Footwear That Every Woman Requires in Their Closet

    6 Types of Footwear That Every Woman Requires in Their Closet

    1.  Sandals: 

    Sandals are a sort of women's shoe that normally include two distinct straps that secure the ankle and hold the sole to the foot. This is a fantastic, flexible choice to make because you can select from flat or heeled sandals. They look incredibly chic and are also very comfortable. You can shop for these women's shoes from stores like Mochi Shoes for premium features like cushioned footbeds, flexible soles, and more.

    2.  Kolhapuri Shoes: 

    Kolhapuris is without a doubt the footwear to choose from if you want to stick with only one pair of ethnic shoes for your wardrobe. Available in a range of vibrant colors, these are entirely handmade and have a very simple yet classic appearance. You can combine these with any ethnic or contemporary dress to create the trendiest looks.

    3.  Sneakers: 

    A good pair of sneakers are something you just cannot go without. These are quite cozy and suitable for a variety of activities, including walking, working out, or just hanging out with friends. Given that they are comfortable to wear for extended periods, they score highly on both fashion and convenience so you can rest assured they are a valuable asset to your footwear collection.

    4.  Ballerinas: 

    Ballerinas, designed keeping in mind the requirements of ballerina dancers, are essentially a type of closed-toe footwear. These are made to be comfortable at all times and the thin bottoms and lightweight feel of these shoes make them ideal for just that. With these shoes in your closet, you can easily flaunt a stylish range of outfits every single day.

    5.  Mules: 

    In contrast to sandals, mules do not have a back strap that goes around the ankle. These can have high heels or flats in both closed or open-toed options. The best color coordinated as well as contrasting outfits will be easier to put together if you have a couple pairs of mules in neutral and colorful colors to balance out your wardrobe.

    6.  Slippers: 

    Lastly, slippers are a must-have including both fancy and casual slippers. To ensure optimal stability, slippers include a straightforward strap that runs along your foot. If you are looking for women's shoes that are also cozy, you may also shop for different types of slippers like slides, flip-flops, slip-on, and so on.

    Shop for these incredible fashion essentials and more women's shoes on Mochi Shoes, India's one-stop shop destination for all footwear!

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