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    Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer: The Process From Start To Finish

    Choosing the right personal injury lawyer is key if you’ve been injured in a car accident or suffered a slip and fall. Your attorney can represent you in court and help secure fair compensation. Personal injury attorneys differ, so you need to hire an expert who can handle your case effectively. Here is the process of hiring a personal injury attorney:

    Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer: The Process From Start To Finish

    Determine What You Need an Attorney For

    Choose a lawyer who can handle your type of case. Some attorneys deal with all different types of law while others are only able to handle specific kinds of cases. You might need legal representation for injuries related to:

    Car crashes

    Construction accidents

    Slip and fall accidents

    Defective products

    Medical malpractice

    Once you determine your case type, you can choose an experienced lawyer who has handled similar personal injury claims before. 

    Research Attorneys 

    Searching for a legitimate lawyer is the next step in the process. You can find your attorney through local bar associations or online directories. These sources may help you find your potential attorney’s number and mailing address. You can verify online if the attorney is licensed to practice personal injury law. Once you have several prospective attorneys, compare the following aspects:



    Skills and expertise

    Area of specialization

    These qualities can help you settle for the right lawyer. You can review past clients’ testimonials and reviews on the law firm’s website. 

    Schedule Your First Consultation

    Once you have sufficient information about your attorney, you can call the office to book your consultation. Some lawyers offer free case evaluation via their law firm websites.

    After filling out an online form or talking with the practice over the phone, an attorney may call you once they have basic details about your case. You can decide to continue with your in-person meeting if you feel welcome and comfortable talking about your legal issue. 

    Prepare Questions for Your Consultation

    Prepare a list of questions for your attorney about your personal injury claim. During your meeting, you can ask those questions to gauge whether you will move forward with hiring the lawyer or not. Below are a few consultation questions you may want to come prepared with:

    Have you handled these types of cases before?

    Do you have the time to work on my case or will someone else be taking the lead for this case?

    How will you communicate with me about my claim?

    What is your negotiation history? Will we go to trial?

    How much is my claim worth?

    What is your contingency fee?

    You can prepare additional questions, depending on your case and needs. The answers to these queries help clear confusion about your case and allow you to learn more about your lawyer. Also check the slip and fall attorneys Burbank.

    Meet and Interview Your Attorney

    Once you have a list of questions, you can meet and interview your lawyer in person. When sitting with your lawyer, you have the opportunity to establish a solid relationship with them. You can rate your consultation using the following elements:

    Being treated with compassion and respect

    Your lawyer’s communication skills

    Your attorney can listen to you and address your concerns

    Ask all the questions you had prepared and evaluate your level of comfort with your attorney. If you don’t feel comfortable during the interaction, consider choosing another attorney.

    Sign the Contingency Fee Contract

    If you are sure you’ve found the right attorney, you can sign the contingency fee contract. This document outlines the fees and the terms of your working relationship. The agreement should be in writing and signed by you and your lawyer.

    With the contingent fee basis, you can pay your attorney after receiving your compensation. During the case, your attorney may have to pay for court costs and deduct them afterward. Thoroughly review your contract and make sure everything is fair and clearly stated.

    Work With a Competent Personal Injury Lawyer

    Hiring a competent personal injury lawyer can be key to winning your case. Look for a professional who can listen to you and handle your unique case. Act quickly after your personal injury accident to find someone who is reliable and can handle your case. Begin your quest for a personal injury attorney today.

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