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    Top 4 Unorthodox Wellness Practices That Will Complete Your Life

    Self-care and wellness are somewhat novel ideas. Yet, it has existed for many years. Let's face it. The world is constantly looking for the newest and greatest wellness fad or, more generally, anything that increases pleasure, productivity, and well-being. Traditionally, self-care has involved investing in things and experiences that promote comfort and enjoyment.

    People are managing their stress and anxiety in various ways as they become more aware of the value of wellness. But now that we've had a year and a half to redefine and rethink self-care, it's time to make some changes.

    Top 4 Unorthodox Wellness Practices That Will Complete Your Life

    Top 4 Unorthodox Wellness Practices That Will Complete Your Life

    1. Autologous Eye Drops

    First are autologous PRP Eye Drops. Autologous PRP eye drops treat and alleviate ocular pain and chronic dry eye syndrome. Unfortunately, some patients try one or more artificial tears, ointments, eyelid hygiene routines, collagen tear duct plugs, or laser treatment options for the lacrimal glands to increase their natural tear production but still do not get symptom relief.

    For those patients who have not found long-lasting relief, consider using autologous serum eye drops (ASED). SEDs are extremely efficient, well-tolerated, and contain elements that artificial tears cannot mimic yet, encouraging healthy ocular surface growth and healing (called the cornea). Antibodies, albumin, Vitamin A, and unique growth factors known as epidermal growth factors—which are crucial for maintaining healthy eyes—are some of the components of ASEDs that are present in natural tears but absent from artificial tears.

    Eye drops manufactured from your blood have a high albumin content (a natural protein in eggs), which helps the corneal epithelial cells produce a higher-quality, protective tear film (surface cells).

    Utilizing the eye serum helps restore the health of the vulnerable nerves on the eye's surface and the patient's tear film.

    2. Essential Oils

    Aromatherapy uses necessary oils to boost health and well-being. Therefore, it can also be called essential oil therapy. Essential oils are extracted from plants to capture the essence of the essential oil.

    Essential oils are obtained mechanically by cold pressing or distillation (steam and water). After extraction, the aromatic compounds are mixed with carrier oil to produce a finished product ready for use. It matters how the oils are made because those fetched by chemical techniques are not thought authentic essential oils. In addition, your limbic system, a region of your brain involved in emotions, behaviors, sense of smell, and long-term memory, can be stimulated by breathing in the fragrances of essential oils.

    3. Flaneuring

    The term "flaneur" originally referred to affluent French men who would promenade through the city streets in the nineteenth century. Still, it has since come to represent someone who wanders. It is safe to state that during the difficult times of the past 18 months, we have all rediscovered the pleasure of a stroll. Your ability to be peaceful, creative, and flexible will all improve due to this simple act of roaming.

    In its simplest form, flaneuring refers to wandering around without a specific destination. Before glancing at Google Maps for directions, give your brain time to become accustomed to your new surroundings.

    4. Ramen Bath

    Enjoy ramen? If eating it isn't satisfying enough, you can even take a bath. Health restrictions prevent edible noodles, but the bathtubs are filled with pork broth, so you can at least savor the mouthwatering aroma.

    These baths are accessible at the Yunessun Spa Resort in Hakone, Japan. According to the advertisement, the collagen in the soup purifies the skin and enhances metabolism. The spa's wine, chocolate, and sake baths are also well-known.

    Wrapping Up

    Despite the advent of technology, we still need to connect with our bodies and nature. Therefore, it is a great practice to unwind every once in a while. With these unorthodox wellness practices and products, you may find a place for rest and wellness! 

    Author’s Bio:

    Deinah Storm performs in the corporate industry, but she has quite a bit of wisdom regarding health, beauty, and skincare. On her free days, she discovers solace in writing and educating more people concerning taking care of their skin, beauty, and wellness.

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