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    How to Book a Tatkal Ticket Online in IRCTC?

    As we all know, the railways are one of the cheapest ways to travel in India. Most of the time, we have to book train tickets at the last minute. That’s why The Indian railways have introduced the tatkal ticketing service for all passengers who want to book train tickets for immediate travel. Online booking railway reservations can sometimes be very difficult throughout the festival season. Tatkal is a great choice to get the confirmed ticket if the tickets are not available.  Most people will find it tough to book a tatkal ticket online. The Tatkal ticket is booked just a day before the travel. 

    Tatkal train ticket booking is a huge task during this busy schedule. Before knowing how to book a tatkal ticket, we should know the Tatkal ticket booking rules and Tatkal ticket price. 

    Tatkal Ticket Booking Rules

    How to Book a Tatkal Ticket Online in IRCTC?

    Tatkal Ticket Booking Rules

    The quota of tatkal in trains is available for every type of trains such as Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Express, Jan Shatabdi, Duranto, and mail trains. The booking for tatkal tickets begins 24 hours before the travel date. Therefore, for example, people who want to travel on August 1st will have to log in on the morning of July 31st to check the tatkal ticket availability, and book a tatkal ticket online. Non-AC class and sleeper class open around 11.00 am, and AC class opens around 10.00 am. 

    Based on the Indian Railways Rules, whether the train is late for more than 3 to 4 hours, then, the passenger can get the whole amount of the tatkal charge. There is no need to show valid ID proof while booking the tatkal ticket from IRCTC. The passengers should take ID proof when traveling. 

    Tatkal Ticket Price

    In terms of fare, tatkal tickets are charged at 10 percent of the base fare for second class and 30 percent of the base fare for every class. The ticket fares are for the maximum distance and minimum distance covered by the train throughout the travel.

    Whether you want to know how to book a tatkal ticket in IRCTC. Here are the steps you can follow and can easily learn how to book a tatkal ticket faster. You should consider the important things while IRCTC Tatkal booking time. Also, follow the below steps to learn how to book tatkal tickets fast on mobile. 

    Follow the instructions, on how to book a Tatkal ticket in IRCTC

    Step One: You should have an IRCTC account for booking a tatkal ticket fast. So, you must register an individual account on the IRCTC website by downloading the IRCTC app from the play store. Otherwise, you can visit the official website of http://www.irctc.co.in

    Step Two: After creating the IRCTC account. In the My Profile section, you can easily find the master list option. Therefore, you should fill in the personal details such as Name, Gender, Age, Food Preference, Birth Preference, Senior Citizen, ID card number, and ID card type of the passenger. Email-id and Mobile number are mandatory for registering the IRCTC account.

    Step Three: On the home page of http://www.irctc.co.in, you have to log in by entering your username and password. 

    Step Four: And, then, press on the Plan My Journey page. You should select the train from “to station” or “from the station. And, you must select the date of the journey.

    Step Five: You should choose e-ticket in the ticket type. And, then, press the submit button. The reservation period (ARP) of the Tatkal scheme is decreased from two days to one day, except on the day of departure of the train from the station. For instance, if a train departs from the departure station on the second day of the month, the tatkal quota booking for that specific train will be opened at 10:00 AM. for Class AC (1A/2A/3A/CC/EC/3E), and 11:00 hrs. For non-AC class (SL/FC/2S) first date of the month from the commencement of class.

    Step Six: And, then, the Train list page displays. From the Tatkal, choose the quota by clicking on the radio button. 

    Step Seven: Moreover, you have to search for the train, and from the train list, you have to click on the class. It will display the details with the tatkal ticket availability.

    Step Eight: To book a tatkal ticket online, you should click on the Book Now link inside the availability option.

    Step Nine: In case, whether you want to select any other train, then, you should click on the other train class link.

    Step Ten: And, maximum of four passengers can be booked on Tatkal e-tickets for a single PNR. The Ticket Reservation page displays; check if the station names, train name, Boarding Point, Date of travel, Reservation, Class, etc. shown on the top page are the same as you wish.

    Step Eleven: Each passenger must enter the passenger's name, gender, age, and berth preference. The name's maximum length must be limited to 15 characters.

    Step Twelve: The tatkal Quota does not apply to senior citizens. For the automatic class upgradation, you have to click on "Consider for auto upgradation" in the chart.

    Step Thirteen: Please, click the enter the verification code. To get tatkal ticket booking and cancellation in free messages, the passenger's phone number should be entered.

    Step Fourteen: And, then, click the Next button.

    Step Fifteen: Therefore, the "Payment" page displays. Kindly, select the payment mode. Check out the payment option. And, then, you have to do the payment, and receive your Tatkal e-ticket.

    Step Sixteen: Once the payment gets successful and the booking of accommodations, and Tatkal ticket confirmation details are displayed to the user together with the “Print ERS” Button.

    Step Eighteen: Finally, by clicking the ERS button it is displayed with the print option.

    How to Book a Tatkal Ticket Online in IRCTC?

    Can I book a tatkal ticket on the same day?

    No, it is not possible to book a tatkal ticket on the same day. A tatkal ticket can be booked the previous day before the journey only. The Tatkal reservation ticket starts from 10.00 am to 11.00 am. 

    How to book a Tatkal ticket from the counter?

    Step 1: First, you must go and stand in the queue around 6.00 am if you wish to get the tatkal ticket faster.

    Step 2: Kindly, carry out the self-attested (signed by the id passenger) xerox copy of the valid Govt, ID proof. The one main person on the tatkal ticket should go to collect the ticket. Please write down the ID Number on the xerox copy of the valid Govt, ID proof.

    Step 3: From the ticket counter, you should get the red form for the tatkal ticket. If the red form is not available, then, you use the normal train ticket booking form and mention Tatkal at the top of the form.

    Step 4: The person whose ID you wish to mention must be first on the passenger's list. The four passengers only allowed for Tatkal in the single form.

    Step 5: After accepting the Tatkal form, you can know about the tatkal ticket fare from professionals. Finally, you need to pay the ticket amount at the counter and get the tatkal ticket.

    Is there any option to cancel my tatkal ticket? How much refund amount will I receive for my tatkal ticket?

    Cancellation of confirmed Tatkal tickets is non-refundable. For accidental tatkal cancellations and waitlisting Tatkal ticket cancellation charges will be deducted based on the current Railway rules.

    What are the Tatkal waiting list ticket cancellation rules?

    Based on the refund and return policy of Indian Railways, the Waiting list e-ticket automatic cancellation refund after the train chart preparation. This means, that the unconfirmed tatkal ticket can be easily canceled automatically when the chart preparation before two to four hours before the train departure. The foremost thing is that we should confirm if your tatkal ticket was confirmed when the chart preparation is done.

    In the provision of waiting for a Tatkal ticket, the cancellation fee will be based on the present waitlist cancellation rules. Furtherly, the users can choose partial cancellation for their Tatkal tickets. Know about the details of Tatkal tickets here. Moreover, no refund will be issued for the confirmed ticket cancellation.

    In the event of a partially confirmed party tatkal ticket, or family ticket, the cancellation rules are the same as the normal quota ticket.

    If trains are canceled, will the e-ticket be refunded?

    Whether the train is marked as "canceled" in PRS due to accidents, breaches, floods, etc. A complete refund will be given in case the ticket is canceled three days after the train's scheduled departure. In the instance of e-tickets, such cancellations can be done online by the customer.

    I’m so glad to conclude here, my article will help surely you to know in detail IRCTC tatkal ticket booking rules such as, how to book a tatkal ticket fast, tatkal ticket cancellation refund, Waiting Tatkal ticket cancellation charges, Confirm ticket cancellation charges, and much more. We hope this article gives complete information about Tatkal tickets.

    All the best to book tatkal tickets successfully.

    Happy Journey…

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