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    What are the Top 7 Types of Latest Anarkali Designs?

    Anarkali dresses are the statement of Indian ethnic couture that has been prevalent for many years. It is a versatile garment that secures a very safe spot in every woman's wardrobe and is a part of every woman's vanity. These dresses are made with layers of immaculate detailing. In addition, many women have embraced retro fashion in style.

    Following are the types of Anarkali dresses that have taken over the fashion world.

    What are the Top 7 Types of Latest Anarkali Designs?

    What are the Top 7 Types of Latest Anarkali Designs?

    1. Cape Anarkali suit

    It is an uber-fashionable trend to wear stylish cape-style Anarkali dresses. It is a long and sleek cape attached to the Anarkali suit. This suit comes in a myriad of designs. It is embroidery which is laced with threadwork. This cape Anarkali suit is handwoven and printed. The best part is that these capes add a feather of magic to this ensemble. 

    2.  Jacket Anarkali suit

    Out of all the Anarkali dresses, this one has been making rounds and setting fashion goals as it is a blend of western and traditional. The jacket has swoon-worthy details. This statement piece is effortlessly chic, and it is for modern women who love to experiment with their clothing.

    Anarkali suit

    3.  Layered Anarkali suit

    A layered Anarkali suit is one with extraordinary details. These details add dimension and structure to the dress. This plush-looking layered piece has vibrant colors, and it will make heads turn!

    4.  Asymmetrical Anarkali suit

    This spectacular trend of flared suits and asymmetrical cuts is back in town! The seamless falls and the creaseless borders create an illusion of a full-structured hem. A light hue Anarkali dress with an embroidered neckline paired with pants and a designer dupatta will be the perfect outfit for any occasion. Depending on her choice, one can pick a simple dupatta with minimalistic artwork or an exquisite dupatta with sparkling stone work.

    5.  Floor-length Anarkali suit

    A signature floor-length Anarkali suit will go a long way in fashion. It is the epitome of grace and poise. This ensemble is set to take everyone by storm with its effortless charm. It is available in many styles. Depending on your choice, you can go for a handwoven, lace-laden, or floor-sweeping Anarkali. It is prevalent in various fabrics such as cotton, chiffon, silk, etc. This exuberant piece is perfectly suitable for all occasions and is easy to pull off! 

    6.  Pakistani Anarkali suit

    Suppose you want to ditch the simple, classic, and minimalistic way and want to go all out, looking all jazzy and shimmery. In that case, you should go for a Pakistani Anarkali suit. It is the type of suit which is embellished and heavily embroidered. It also comes with an over-layered jacket and accentuates the royalty of the person wearing it. The best part of this attire is that it even looks good without a Dupatta.

    7.  Contemporary Anarkali suit

    This unconventional Anarkali dress has been doing rounds all over the place! It comes with side slits. You can opt for the color of your choice, and the contemporary Anarkali is a bespoke piece that invokes the fashionista in you!

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