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    A Guide For Foreigners Who Want To Work in Thailand

    You have finally discovered Thailand and you naturally want to spend the rest of your life in this amazing country, which would mean getting a job in the Royal Kingdom of Thailand. As with most countries, there are ways that you can legally work in this country, and with that in mind, here are a few tips.

    A Guide For Foreigners Who Want To Work in Thailand

    A Guide For Foreigners Who Want To Work in Thailand

    1.  Find A Thai Company That Wishes To Employ You

    If you want to get a work permit, you need to find a Thai company that is willing to employ you. They can provide you with the documentation you need to obtain a non-immigrant visa from your home country's Thai embassy, which is required if you want a work permit. The Thai Ministry of Labour will not issue a work permit to a foreigner with a tourist visa.

    2.  Engage The Services Of An English-Speaking Lawyer

    Applying for a work permit is not something you should do without the help of an experienced Thai lawyer, as the process is very complex. When looking to work in Thailand, Vize Counselor lawyers in Bangkok are among the reputable legal experts that can help with the work permit application. It is also possible that your potential employer has no experience in hiring foreigners and therefore using an experienced English-speaking lawyer is advised.

    3.  Check Major Recruitment Agencies

    Foreigners are typically hired for management positions and if you register with agencies that work within your industry, you should get some positive feedback. Certain professions are only offered to Thais and by approaching an English-speaking lawyer, you can find out whether or not your profession is included in the prohibited list.

    4.  Set Up Your Own Business

    If you can’t find a Thai company to employ you, you could set up your own company and then apply for a work permit in the company name. It is possible to set up a company that is 100% owned; simply contact a Thai law firm and they can tell you what is required, plus they can process your application. Using a reputable lawyer is the best way to set up a company in Thailand.

    5.  Don’t Work Illegally

    If you work without a work permit and get caught, it could lead to spending time in a Thai jail, which is not a nice place! Thai Immigration is focused on checking foreign workers and to be frank, it simply isn’t worth the risk. There are some grey areas regarding working in Thailand. Many digital nomads work online while staying in Thailand and it is expected that the Thai government will introduce a special visa for those who work online.

    Find a Thai Company That Wishes To Employ You

    One of the jobs that you can do if you have any type of degree is teaching English. There are online teaching agencies that post teaching job offers and you can apply if you are a native speaker of English. You would be working in a Thai school, which gives you an insight into Thai culture and many young backpackers go down this route to fund their traveling.

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