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    Factors You Must Consider When Buying the Ideal Putter

    Once you start playing golf, you always look to improve your game and equipment. The golf clubs' type and variety majorly depend on your experience and skill set.

    Choosing the right set of clubs is detrimental to your performance. Many golf clubs are custom-made as per the player’s swing and preference.

    Even the slightest miscalculation or incompatibility with the club can make or break the game. Things like the grips, size, and surface type are some factors that dictate the type of golf drivers and clubs you will buy. 

    Amongst all the different types of clubs in your golf kit, putters are the ones that are the best for relatively slow and founded shots. 

    You need to have the best putters to take advantage of close shots. These close-range drives are essential to the game, and having the right putter is as important as the right technique. 

    Without the right putter, you will not be able to make the best shots, even if you have an exceptional technique. 

    Below are some factors you must consider to buy the ideal putter. 

    Factors You Must Consider When Buying the Ideal Putter

    Factors You Must Consider When Buying the Ideal Putter

    1.  Design of the Head

    The design of the putter determines the swing speed and its accuracy. In addition, the type of design you must choose also depends on your skill set and swing methods. 

    So, if you have a straight putt stroke and a feather hand on the driver, then blade putters are the ideal choice. In contrast, if you are a beginner who has not yet gotten the hang of the sport, then you must opt for a weighted putt. These types of clubs allow more room for error or forgiveness. 

    Whereas, if you are learning to putt, you must perfect your swing movement instead of focusing on making the shot. So, a mallet putt will be the right choice. 

    2.  Shaft and hosel

    You can choose a type of putt that has the shaft centered at the head. 

    The shaft will be connected to the head at the dead center to enable players to have an eagle’s point of view of the ball. 

    If you like to take the swing while keeping the ball away from your body, then a heel-shafted putter is the ideal choice.

    3.  Length of Putters

    The length of the golf clubs can have a huge impact on your overall game. 

    Having the right length clubs will improve your stance, strokes, and swings. This will automatically increase your confidence and make you a better player. 

    While there are no rules about the maximum length of a putter, it should at least be eighteen inches long as per regulation. 

    Professionals prefer to use putters up to thirty-six inches in length.  

    4.  Lie Angle

    It is the angle between the putter head and the shaft. 

    The best putters have a lie angle of seventy degrees. It is possible for the putter shaft to be damaged even if there is a slight variation in angle during the swing. 

    If you are an amateur, you must pay heed to the advice pro golfers and a coach give you to buy the best type of putters for your golf kit. Moreover, you can read about putters and other related things on various blogging sites. Not only will it help you gain the information you need, but you might also be able to improve your game.

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