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    How to Discover Trending Sounds on TikTok for Your Videos?

    Being popular on TikTok means the world today. A pile of opportunities unfolds as you rise to the top and steal the spotlight - even if it’s for a few minutes.

    To give you a better idea - it means thousands of followers, paid sponsorships, contracts with big names, and best of all, exposure to the Hollywood media industry. Charlie D’Amelio is already hanging out with the Kardashians!

    And, guess what is the key to the TikTok fame? Many will claim it to be a wise use of an organic TikTok growth service. Well, while it does help boost your profile, some studies suggest also focusing on others.

    ●     50% of users find videos with songs more uplifting and memorable.

    ●     Almost 73% of people stop and look at videos with audio.

    Yes, choosing the best trending songs in your videos is the KEY!

    But, let’s not forget that uncountable tracks are used every day. How do you keep up with the always-changing trends and use them in your TikTok marketing strategy? So, to help you, here are 5 quick and simple ways to find popular sounds for your videos on TikTok.

    How to Discover Trending Sounds on TikTok for Your Videos?

    How to Discover Trending Sounds on TikTok for Your Videos?

    Browse Through the For You Section

    One of the easiest ideas is to use the app itself, particularly the For You section. When exploring there, pay attention to the types of videos other people are posting and the sounds they are employing. As you scroll, you probably won't even need to pay attention to what you hear because any popular music or sounds will be played repeatedly. You'll be able to tell what's trending after a while.

    Use the Search Bar on TikTok

    If you are not able to identify the trending sounds by just scrolling through the For You page, TikTok makes it easier for you by simply using the search bar. You can type in any phrases like viral sounds or similar keywords, and you will be directed to some of the most popular sounds of the week.

    As an alternative, you can choose the "hashtags" option to view the most widely used hashtags for sounds. For instance, videos using the hashtag #viralsound have usually received more than 1.8 billion views.

    Use the Creative Center on TikTok

    There is no better source for trending songs on TikTok than TikTok itself. Users may view the most hit music on TikTok and even sort them by region using the app's Creative Center. The latter is especially useful if your targeted audience is spread out across a different region than you are.

    Any song on the list can be clicked to display a graph showing its overall performance over the previous week.

    Utilize the Tokboard on TikTok for sound

    You may use several outside sources in addition to TikTok to discover popular songs. One such site is Tokboard, originally known as Tiktometer. It is a platform powered by a data-gathering engine that receives data from TikTok itself.

    Its most recent statistics show that it contains information on more than 80 million well-liked TikTok videos. Tokboard is amazing because, in addition to providing a list of popular TikTok tracks, it also provides you with in-depth information—including a chart—about a certain song or remix.

    Check Out the Playlists on Spotify

    Spotify, the top music streaming service, is another fantastic resource for discovering popular songs on TikTok. Enter "TikTok" into the search field, then click "playlists." You may find playlist after playlist that has been user-curated with the most popular sounds from TikTok.

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