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    Brain Tumor Risk Factors, Causes, and Treatment

    Getting diagnosed with a brain tumor is a growing concern in many healthy individuals. It is a type of cancer of the brain where tumors start to appear in one or many parts of the brain. These tumors can either be malignant or mild.

    A patient who suspects they may have cancer or a brain tumor must immediately consult an Oncologist who may be able to diagnose the issue and present the right course of treatment for the patient. The cancer hospital in Chennai provides one of the best cancer treatment facilities in India. 

    They also have some of the best and most renowned Oncologists in India who can identify, diagnose and treat cancer patients in the best possible manner. Brain tumor patients often need to undergo several treatment procedures before completely getting rid of cancer. These treatments can also vary from one patient to another based on many criteria.

    Brain Tumor Risk Factors, Causes, and Treatment

    What is Brain Tumor?

    A brain tumor is a type of cancer in the brain where a part of the brain cells has become cancerous and started dividing and multiplying uncontrollably. This causes cells to form cancerous tumors in the brain that obstruct nerves, veins, capillaries, and arteries. 

    The circulation of blood, nutrients and oxygen gets obstructed and the nerves are also affected when there is a tumor in any part of the brain. There are some signs and symptoms that can indicate brain tumor in unsuspecting cancer patients:

    Constant severe headaches

    Nausea and Vomiting

    Fatigue and extreme tiredness

    Loss of consciousness from time to time

    Blurred or Double Vision

    Confusion and inability to do simple activities


    These are some of the symptoms in patients who may have a brain tumor. There have been several studies to study what are the reasons why brain tumors may happen in an individual. There are no conclusive reasons why a person may have a brain tumor. Some of the indicative causes of brain tumors are listed below:

    Family History of Brain Tumors

    Those who have a close family member who has had a brain tumor in their life are more susceptible to having brain tumors than other people. 

    Radiation Exposure

    Those who are exposed to harmful chemicals and toxins or radiation are also more prone to brain tumors than others. Radiation therapy is offered to cancer patients who have cancer in other areas of the body but this may cause brain tumors in patients later on in life.

    Treatment of Brain Tumor

    The cancer treatment hospital in Chennai is most famous for brain tumor surgeries and treatment of cancer in individuals who suffer from this disease. There are many trained and experienced Oncologists in the cancer hospital in Chennai who are well versed in the treatment course of brain tumors.

    Often, the first step in treating brain tumors is to identify whether it is benign tumors or malignant tumors. Benign tumors do not spread but do obstruct the brain’s functions. Malignant tumors are capable of infecting other parts of the brain and can spread to other parts. The next step is usually the surgical removal of the tumor.

    Once the tumor is removed, chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy is offered to the patient to eliminate any cancerous cells in the body. The progress of the patient is tracked and analyzed from time to time to understand the improvement in patients.

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