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    Visiting Southern California: Your Must-See Guide

    Southern California has many dreamy places to visit this summer, and you might wonder where to start. Are you looking forward to catching a tan on some mesmerizing beaches, hiking in the woods, or exploring small cities with a lot of souls? There are so many picturesque sites to soak in and fun activities to enjoy.

    We got you covered with this article. Keeping in mind the diversity of places and activities that Southern California offers, we made this guide that you can follow on your next SoCal adventure. Remember to pack lightly if you’re traveling during the summer since the temperatures can get steaming hot.  

    Visiting Southern California: Your Must-See Guide

    The Most Overlooked Place in SoCal

    You probably imagine wide beaches, surfing, and Hollywood when you think of Southern California. However, don’t forget about the hidden gems of San Bernardino Forest and Palomar Mountain. Those places are safe havens for those who don’t like the melting temperatures. Hiding in the shades of oak trees and evergreen forests is the best way to spend your summer.

    However, the heat should not stop you from enjoying the activities in San Bernardino County, looking to get away from the summer crowds? Have a picnic on one of the vistas in San Bernardino National Forest or enjoy the adventurous endeavors on the Big Bear Lake.



    Located just over ten miles away from Downtown LA, Pasadena is an attractive place for art and architecture lovers for its art deco and Victorian structure. There are also plenty of art and history museums, where visitors can immerse themselves in the high-end virtuosity.

    Pasadena is an authentic California town, with its famous palm tree boulevards and numerous parks offering breathtaking views. At the end of the Henninger Trail, which leads to Mt. Wilson, there is a view of Eaton Canyon Falls.

    Don’t forget to take the tour of The Gamble House, one of the most architecturally significant properties from the 20th century. Located just outside Brookside Park, The Gamble House has little to do with gambling. It is named after their first and only owners, David and Mary Gamble, whose family deemed the house too historically significant that they gave it to the city of Pasadena.

    San Juan Capistrano

    San Juan Capistrano is a small town near the coast and the place where the Spanish formed Orange County in the 18th century. Nowadays, this town is a tourist attraction for its mission - a catholic church built in a Spanish Colonial Baroque style, as well as the bell wall, which still rings each day.

    Many movies have been filmed on the grounds of San Juan Capistrano, so it is interesting to see the backdrop of your favorite movies. The town has a rich history that rarely leaves people indifferent. It is worth visiting because it offers a time-traveling experience amidst all the Californian flashing events and places.

    Venice Beach

    Venice Beach

    When talking about flashy Californian places, Venice Beach is almost unavoidable. Although it may seem like a cliche - visiting Venice Beach means exploring the true SoCal way of life. The laidback vibe is what best describes this place, not to mention the breathtaking sandy beaches and diverse art scene. If you happen to be in Venice Beach on a Saturday, get to the Mosaic Tile House, and witness the uniqueness of colorful objects presented by the owners, Cheri Pann and Gonzalo Duran. 

    There are still a few blocks of canals that you can walk alongside or scroll through the funky venues and shops on the Ocean Front Walk. If you are interested in delightful and unconventional spots visit the Binocular Building on Main Street.

    Newport Beach

    Newport Beach

    While Venice Beach has a funky, young vibe, Newport Beach has class and elegance. Newport Beach is interesting to marine transportation enthusiasts because it has a harbor and many yacht clubs.

    There are mesmerizing beaches, fun outdoor activities, and whale watching. Newport Beach will steal the heart of people who like luxury and exclusivity, with its boat and golf clubs, enormous shopping malls, and resorts.

    Take a cruise around the town or go on an airplane tour, and explore nature in the Crystal Cove State Park. Newport Beach is an amazing place to soak up the sun and watch the sunset with your friends or a partner.

    Catalina Island

    Catalina Island

    Catalina Island is a small island out the coast of the LA metro area. It is one of the Channel Islands, an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. Most of the population is located in the town of Avalon, but there are hidden gems scattered throughout the island.

    Visit Rancho Escondido, which has the word ‘hidden’ right in the name, so you know you will have a peaceful day on the beach over there. On the beaches of Avalon and Two Harbors, there are many fun activities for every group. You can parasail, take a jeep tour, or partake in other fun and adventurous endeavors.


    Encinitas is another SoCal hidden gem that you must visit on your next trip. Located near San Diego, it nests the San Diego Botanic Garden. But what is magical about Encinitas is the long sandy beach with many hiding spaces, so you can feel like you are on your own private island.

    The view of the horizon makes for a fantastic place for whale watching and meditation. The beaches are never packed with crowds, even during the high season. Encinitas is a great place to be one with the sea.

    Southern California is for Outdoorsy People

    Southern California is for Outdoorsy People

    Southern California is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, as it offers a wide variety of activities on the beaches, forests, and even the air. You can rent a paddleboard, a kayak, or a paddleboat almost anywhere. Diving and snorkeling are available on every bigger city beach, and parasailing and air-touring can be found easily.

    Not to say that there are no museums, restaurants, art galleries, and other indoor activities and events. SoCal has it all, no wonder it is one of the most touristic places in the United States. From beaches on the west, across the mountain range in the middle, all to the eastern desert grounds - Southern California will be a memorable experience.

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