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    What Cool Features Does Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Have?

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive came out back in 2012, but Counter-Strike itself is a series that's been popular since 1999. Since CS: GO's release, the competitive online scene has grown from small, local competitions held in conference rooms to major international competitions hosted in vast arenas. The prizes for these competitions have evolved from a couple of hundred dollars or computer equipment to thousands of dollars. Professional CS: GO players even earn salaries from esports organizations on top of these massive prizes.

    So, you may be amazing, "What is CS: GO, and what calm elements does it have?" That's why we're here to help. CS: GO has many unique features to keep professional and casual players entertained.

    What Cool Features Does Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Have?

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has a wide array of player and weapon skins

    CS: GO players can choose from a wide variety of cosmetic weapon skins for any rifle and even knife skins. Not to mention, player models, called agents, can also equip various skins to change their appearance. These skins can be obtained from random drops or opening weapon skin crates using purchasable keys. Many of these skins can also be purchased directly through the Steam marketplace. Some rare or elite skins can even be sold for thousands of dollars, depending on the skin's rarity.

    This feature is always fun for the players though it doesn't affect the gameplay itself, other than potentially giving away your position if it's a particularly vibrant skin. However, it's the perfect way for CS: GO players to express their personalities in-game to other online players, giving the game a more personal touch.

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has included many special event updates over the years

    CS: GO players have been surprised plenty of times over the years with special events for various times of the year. For example, the game has launched updates in honor of Halloween, offering a Halloween-themed version of the map Cobblestone or the ability for players to turn into ghosts and haunt the opposing team. Not to mention the winter version of the map Militia or the map Dust II, which was released in honor of CS: GO's 20th anniversary.

    These special events are one of the many ways the developers keep the game relevant, fun, and exciting for its players. These special events will always pull players that have stopped playing for a while back into the fun and even draw new players to give this iconic franchise a try.

    CS: GO offers game modes for competitive and casual players

    If you've heard of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive but you've never played it yourself, then you probably imagine the high-stakes professional esports competitions that the game is known for. However, what you might know is that CS: GO is much more than the esports-style gameplay we've all grown so accustomed to. CS: GO may have a massive professional following, but casual players are always welcomed and encouraged to play.

    The developers have released various game modes and maps to suit players of all skill levels. First, most people are familiar with the popular competitive game mode. This game mode involves playing a 30-round match, best of 16, in either bomb defusal or hostage rescue. However, there is a casual version, aptly named casual mode, where players can drop in or out of matches without committing to a 30-round game.

    Players can also enjoy various other casual modes like deathmatch, arms race, wingman, demolition, and flying scoutsman. The flying scoutsman game mode offers players an entertaining yet challenging match where gravity is significantly reduced, and players are limited to two weapons, a sniper rifle, and a knife. This team-based game mode allows players to take to the skies to fight off the enemy team.

    With cool features like these, it's no surprise that this game is so popular

    CS: GO strives to create content and game modes to entertain players of all skill levels. With all of these entertaining features, it's easy to see how a game from 2012 can stay so relevant.

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