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    Want to Make Your Small Kitchen Appear Bigger? Here Are Some Smart Hacks

    When you are focusing on kitchen space, bigger is not always better. The small kitchens are generally more effective workplaces compared to the bigger ones. Also, good design and space do not characterize a big kitchen. It would help if you start with innovative ideas for small kitchen design, enabling you to keep the area beautiful, functional, and organized.

    Do you have a small kitchen? If yes, you can say yes to several small kitchen ideas and a few design solutions. Some of the valuable ideas that can help you to decorate your small kitchen space include the following:

    Make Your Small Kitchen Appear Bigger

    Want to Make Your Small Kitchen Appear Bigger? Here are Some Smart Hacks

    1.  Clutter

    Clutter can take place when you don’t have sufficient storage. Usually, increased storage is not the solution. You need to declutter the kitchen space. So, check the drawers and the cabinets and do away with anything you don't want. You should ask yourself if you require the egg slicer or the cherry-pitting tool. The moment you have cleared all the cabinets, you can clear the counters by storing the items, which leads to visual clutter. It’s never a good practice to have clutter in your kitchen space. 

    2.  Less counter space

    Now that you have got the counter space, do you think it isn't enough? If yes, then this is a common problem. You can look at some of the ideas for maximizing the counter space in the small kitchen, comprising the solution to turn the sink into a cutting board. 

    3.  Get a faucet sprayer

    Today, you need to look at the faucet sprayer you are opting for. It can enable you to update the look of your kitchen. The online stores have several variants available. If you want, you can opt-in for a dual-function kitchen sprayer sink faucet and give your kitchen space a detailed look, irrespective of the size. 

    4.  A dark kitchen space

    Generally, a dark room feels tiny. Hence, you should apply a new paint coat and brighten up the walls. In case you love the dark, rich cabinets, you must add various types of lighting. You can add in the under-cabinet lighting to enhance the workspace and add accents to the cabinet if you want. When you have proper lighting, it will make your kitchen space appear more prominent, irrespective of the color. You can opt-in for the following ideas:

    • You can add the LED strip lights to the shelves and illuminate the counter space beneath the cabinets.
    • You can replace your incandescent light bulbs using the updated energy-effective versions. 
    • Go ahead and replace the outdated light fixtures. 
    • Select the pendant lights that can get clipped to the current track-lighting systems to lay the room's lighting. 
    • You can also add a mirror to the kitchen wall if you want. 

    5.  Go ahead and brighten the kitchen walls

    If you want to opt-in for a fast kitchen remodel, you should start to paint the walls in pale yellow, blue, and light green shades. It can make the cabinet walls and doors in a single color. And as your eyes move through the room, the consistent shades can make the room appear more significant than it is. Even some of the sudden changes can make your eyes feel that you are looking at a relatively small room. 

    That aside, here are a few things that you should manage in your kitchen space:

    • The pot racks

    Even though most of the kitchen space doesn't comprise the space needed for a big pot rack, you can opt-in for the small spaces. Also, the pot racks need not hang from the ceiling. There are a few that can get well-mounted. 

    • The cooking tool wall storage

    You can get inspired by some of the busy restaurants that use the industrial wall hardware and the racks for the utensil storage. A few ideas for storing the tools and utensils are:

    • You can hang the racks for the utensils. An easy bar with a few hooks can hold the tools using a loop in it. 
    • You can use the wall magnet to store spice jars and knives. 
    • You can paint and dangle a pegboard and use it for hanging tools. You can organize it based on the colors. 

    6.  The hideaway furniture

    You can opt-in for the creative approach for maximizing the functionality of a small kitchen. There are several ways to develop a multipurpose space using practical furniture, which is helpful, but it can get stored out of the way. A few ideas are:

    • The backless bar stools can get wholly tucked away. 
    • The cutting boards and wall-mounted tables. 
    • The roll-out tables and cabinets. 

    7.  Increased counter space

    Do you want to develop a new-age kitchen space? If yes, then a crucial element here is to have an uncluttered and minimalist kitchen counter. And this doesn't just appear new-age; it also maximizes the counter space, making it simpler to cook and prep. The initial step is to move away from the countertop items and the small appliances. 

    8.  You can add an extra shelving

    You can find places where you can add more shelves to create extra storage. Also, if you make a narrow row of shelves that you add to the kitchen island, it can be apt for the cookbooks. You can search for the different place which comprises corners. Else, you can also find a place over the counter. It's always good to check in and around the kitchen space and note where you can make space for storage and manage your options. 

    If you want to freshen up and revitalize your minimized kitchen space, we hope that this article has been of help. If you need guidelines and support, you can also speak to an interior designer who can provide you with some of the best ideas. But before you do that, you need to know what you want and create a budget for the renovation work. That way, you can choose the design and d├ęcor elements that cater to your budget capacity and preferences.

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