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    Sports Nutrition for Every Day to Maintain Healthily

    For those who daily do sports and keep it a vital part of their life the question about the right sports nutrition is highly relevant. Nutrition is a crucial part of sports success to get your body all needed substances on time. Besides the usual meal plans, there are quick helpers – sports drinks. Their purpose is to recharge the organism with the components lost during intensive workouts. If you are wondering how to switch to sports nutrition, discover what are the functions of each substance they contain. It will help you to distinguish the proper product.

    Sports Nutrition for Every Day to Maintain Healthily

    Sports Nutrition for Every Day to Maintain Healthily


    Sports nutrition for every day includes carbohydrates. These elements are a huge source of energy for human organisms. Universal sports nutrition products generally consist of 6-8% carbohydrates. It is necessary to consume up to 60g of carbs per hour during exercise. Sometimes this number is lower, as it depends on the needs of sportsmen. Those who are professional athletes struggle to find intensive helpers to provide the energy. That is why they choose to take sports nutrition for daily workouts instead of water. This choice makes it more possible to show excellent results during the performance.

    Nutrition is needed not only for doing professional sports but also for general care of your health. If you are looking for food supplements check the website Club 120.


    For those who exercise significantly more than an average person, electrolytes are an important part of sports nutrition to keep fit. If not to consider this fact you will have a high risk of dehydration and cramps. The list of important electrolytes athletes have to pay attention to are:





    Consuming sports nutrition for tone in the whole body requires regular analysis of which of these components are currently lacking in the organism.

    Amino acids

    The list of various amino acid compound dietary protein that is a well-known additive marketed both to professional athletes and to individuals who struggle to be physically active. As food for athletes proteins is recommended to boost muscle mass. What can amino acids do:

    Expand the emission of anabolic hormones

    Adjust fuel utilization

    Prevent unfavorable effects of overtraining

    Prevent mental exhaustion 

    It may seem complicated to understand where to pour the protein as food supplements. You can add it to almost any of your usual parts of the meal including coffee, mashed potato, or pancakes. If you realize that you need to improve your sports nutrition for muscle tone try to identify which amino acids you can add.

    Fats and vitamins

    Two more components that are important for athletes to involve in their sports nutrition day are fats and vitamins. They play different functional roles, but both are meaningful. 

    Fats can be compared to the fuel, their main function is regulation of the intensity. However, fats don’t supply fast bursts of energy and influence only intensity not speed. Vitamins should be involved in sports nutrition every day as they maintain bones’ health and turn food into energy.

    Tissue protection and restoration

    Professional sport never guarantees the absence of tissue traumas However, a complex diet can prevent hard subsequences and help to recovery. Recovery nutrition is close to sports one and thus has some differences according to the individual situation and level of injury. The list of constant components includes vitamin D, vitamin C, food with fiber, and lots of protein.


    Thinking about sports nutrition for the day it is important to mention carnitine and its role as a supplement. L-carnitine is known for stimulating lipid metabolism. It directly affects competition, training, and the recovery process. This is one of the vital food supplements for any athlete.

    If you are new to the professional sport you probably state the question: Do I need to drink sports nutrition on rest days? How to know exactly how often to take supplements and what if you quit sports nutrition? The answer is hiring in the balance. Your body needs all components even if you are not doing the exercise right now. So, try to think over your meal beforehand to consume enough food substances on time.

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