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    Do You Have a Chipped Tooth? Here are Some Insights

    Enamel is one of the hardest parts of your body, but it’s not indestructible. It can succumb to harsh blows and overuse, leading to a jagged tooth surface. That could cause cuts on your tongue if you don't get them treated right away. Or it can be a reason for tooth loss. It’s vital to keep your enamel healthy so that chipping doesn’t happen altogether. And if something goes wrong, you must not delay seeking proper treatment. Generally, cosmetic dentists handle these problems, and one of the most popular solutions for this can be tooth bonding.

    Unlike dental crowns and veneers, dental bonding is an easy and comfortable procedure that typically needs 30-60 minutes to correct your teeth. But before suggesting anything, your dentist will take a view of your problem, would require some X-rays, and observe your oral condition. If everything else is alright, you will get done with this treatment sooner than expected. And the cost can also be affordable. So, if you have chipped your teeth, look for teeth bonding services near Huntington, NY. Not only will it rectify the issue but gift a beautiful smile too. However, if you don’t think chipping is an issue, you can learn about risks, causes, and other factors to understand the implication.

    Do You Have a Chipped Tooth?

    Do You Have a Chipped Tooth? Here are Some Insights

    The problems caused by chipped tooth/ teeth

    Some believe kids are more likely to experience chipping because of their activities, but this can affect anyone. Some situations that increase this risk include biting on hard food items, accidental slips & falls, especially when someone lands on their face, or getting hit by a basketball. Cavities or dental decay can also lead to weak structures. Also, some people grind their teeth during daytime or nighttime, impacting their teeth down the road.

    When you chip a tooth, the enamel-coated layer of the tooth will break apart. If it's a minor collision and only a chip, you may not feel any pain. Usually, if there is no exposed dentin (the middle teeth layer that sits below the enamel coat) other than some sharp edges on your tooth to make you aware that something has happened, everything should be fine. However, sometimes, there can be some sensitivity if you touch it too hard or if it gets easily bumped, for example. But the larger the chunk that breaks away from your enamel-coated layer, the more likely will you feel pain because your nerves won't be as protected in this case. A large crack in a tooth can leave you open to infection or a compromised immune system due to an already unwell oral environment. So never delay getting yourself checked. 

    No matter how trivial the impact looks, it is necessary to see your dentist, even if it means no pain. After all, the chipped tooth is weak and can break or chip more. If you lose more of it, losing a tooth will increase. As mentioned already, the exposed area tends to be highly vulnerable to bacterial infection. Then, the exposed area will put the blood vessels, tissues, and nerves at risk if you don't opt for treatment at the right moment.

    Signs of chipped tooth/ teeth

    If a chip is minor or occurs on the back of your teeth or towards the outside edge of your teeth, you may not necessarily be aware of it. Still, you can look for common symptoms. For example, do you feel roughness on the surface of your teeth when you move your tongue over them? The chipped tooth will also have a feeling of irritation around the gums. Or, when you bite on your food, you can experience pain in the tooth. It can be sharp if the chipped tooth is closer or has exposed nerves. 

    Prevention techniques for a chipped tooth

    Tooth sensitivity, pain, discomfort, and other experiences can follow from chipping. Because it causes damage to your teeth, you can hesitate to smile. Although some incidents like slips and falls and others are not in your control, you can still reduce the risk of a chipped tooth by observing certain habits or lifestyle practices. Dentists recommend people cut down their sugar diet, which is effective for dental health and overall wellness. After all, sugar contents promote harmful bacterial growth. An acidic reaction occurs in your mouth when bacteria consume it, affecting your tooth's enamel. Due to this, you experience tooth decay and, ultimately, chipping.

    Similarly, any food or drink item with high content of acidic elements can be dangerous for your enamel and erode teeth. Although teeth possess natural healing power, continuous exposure can impair their remineralization strength. So, it will be better to stay away or reduce the consumption of oranges, lime, tomatoes, and soda. Since many of them are healthy items, it will not be wise to cut them off from your diet. Instead, you can clean your mouth properly after eating your meal – brush and rinse your mouth properly. In this context, eating hard items like candies can also be risky.

    Do you suffer from acid reflux? In this health condition, the person experiences a rise in acidity level from their stomach to mouth because of indigestion. While you may not want to treat this condition, your teeth may have to bear the ultimate brunt. The acid will damage the enamel. Also, conditions like grinding and clenching of teeth can increase chipping risks.

    Remember, your dental health has to be your priority, just like your physical and mental health. A healthy mouth will ensure you enjoy a fit and happy life by reducing the risks of other ailments, like cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular issues, etc. So, don't take anything lightly. If you feel pain and discomfort in your teeth or gums, seek medical attention. You never know if they are signaling any primary underlying condition. And since minor chips are easy to correct and prevent bigger dental risks, you should not delay this treatment. Pay a visit to a reputable clinic and consult the dentist. They will guide you about the proper treatment and dental health maintenance.

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