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    How to Find the Best Blind Support Podcasts Online?

    Most people with visual disabilities or blindness use screen readers to access information on their devices. Screen readers are computer programs that read the text displayed on the monitor aloud. However, blind users need to know how to operate these tools and search engine functions.

    There are many types of podcasts for the blind. These include general podcasts, therapy podcasts, career/education podcasts, lifestyle podcasts, and many more.

    Podcasts are auditory broadcasts that can be heard on-demand. They are released periodically or as live streams with specific topics of interest for their audience. If you want to know about the best blind support podcasts online, here are the tips to help you search for them:

    How to Find the Best Blind Support Podcasts Online?

    How to Find the Best Blind Support Podcasts Online?

    • Check Out What Other Blind People are Listening To

    According to reports, the global podcasting market was valued at $11.46 billion in 2020.

    Blind users rely on each other's feedback to determine quality podcasts. If you know someone who is also visually impaired, ask them which podcasts produce valuable information for the blind community.

    The podcast might be able to give you a list of their favorite podcasts you could try. You can also get recommendations from a person who knows you and your needs.

    • Browse Online Forums

    There are also online communities where the blind can get together to talk about all kinds of issues. You can go to a forum or a newsgroup for visually impaired people and ask which podcasts they recommend. If you find an active community that interests you, join the discussion. It would be best to get valuable tips from other members who use these blind support podcasts every day.

    • Look for Podcasts that Different Blogs or Websites Talk About

    Blogs and articles about visually impaired people may include links about relevant podcasts for the blind, providing information on finding them online. You can search for blogs or articles that specifically discuss podcasts and how they benefit blind people.

    You can find a list of the best blind support podcasts from these resources.

    • Try Podcast Apps

    You can use many podcast apps to download content from various sources onto your device. However, not all podcast apps have features to help you skip forward to a specific section of a podcast. For example, the Libsyn app has a "skip intro" button that allows you to quickly access each part of a podcast by just clicking this button.

    To find out which apps have these features, go online and read as many reviews as you can about podcasts apps. The more detailed the study, the better. You should also check how long it takes to download your particular device and data plan.

    • Use Google Play Music to Listen to Podcasts

    You could look for the best blind support podcasts via Google Play Music. If you have a Gmail account, Google Play Music can sync all your music from your computer and videos from YouTube into one central location to stream or download at your will. This way, you do not have to download an app to listen to your favorite shows. However, operating a screen reader is still needed to fully utilize this service for blind users.


    Blind people can learn a lot from listening to podcasts. These are great tools for gaining knowledge, getting support, and learning about new things. Remember the tips discussed here to find the best blind support podcasts online if you are visually impaired.

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