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    Your Checklist to Planning the Perfect Corporate Holiday Party

    Holidays are all about celebrations, sharing joys, and being with those who matter to you. Once the seasonal greetings start, it's time for you to plan a party. Kick off the good times by partying with the people you spend most of your time around – your coworkers.

    Corporate parties are a great way to show your appreciation for your organization, and they are also the perfect ending to the year. While the pressure may be on to get everything right, you can easily have the perfect evening with a checklist.

    A good party checklist touches all the essential features of the event. Don't skimp the details or allow yourself to get carried away by distractions. Get your notepads out – it's time to plan a party no one will forget. Here’s how:

    Your Checklist to Planning the Perfect Corporate Holiday Party

    Your Checklist to Planning the Perfect Corporate Holiday Party

    1.  Look Into Great Quality Food

    Food is the heart of a party. The guests attending will remember the mouth-melting flavors, aromas, and delicious textures for years to come. When you know the local cuisines in your region, it can help you plan better. Cities like Naples in Florida are known for their succulent seafood and delicious Italian dishes.

    So, hire a catering company specializing in delivering authentic and well-crafted meals that are mouthwatering. You can go through some reviews online by searching for catering Naples FL, for making you select a catering company that makes your event a feast to remember! Make haste and contact a catering service right away, so they get plenty of time to prepare for you.

    2.  Workout a Budget for the Theme

    Go through miscellaneous company funds and decide how much you're comfortable spending. Ensure that the value you assign is realistic and has a margin for extra money if you fall short.

    While a beer party may appeal to your colleagues’ inner child, make sure you read the room before deciding what to go with. The theme of your party will dictate the funds required. Choosing formal events that are more refined and elegant, like a black-tie, is a different ball game altogether. Costume parties like galas and Great Gatsby-inspired events can get expensive, so make sure you communicate this to stakeholders and get internal buy-in. 

    The theme is also important for deciding the music and decorations. So once you have an idea about your party, reach out to people who have the pulse of the party market to guide you. Local influencers may be a cost-effective option, while party planners can also help you streamline the process. This will ensure the best set and setting for your party.

    3.  Create a Guest List and Send Out Invites

    Start by curating a list of all your employees. Important guests such as the company's C-Suite will need some special treatment. From there, you will need to decide the format of your invites and whether your employees can bring a plus one. Mention the event's date, venue, and time with attending details. You wouldn't want an employee to show up with uninvited guests assuming the party was free for all.

    4.  Limit the Alcohol

    Most people treat holidays as an excellent time to indulge, so limiting the beverage is essential. You don't want your fine evening tarnished with drunken brawls and liquor freely flowing everywhere. So make sure you sit and think of the beverages you want to serve and how much should be made available. 

    You can keep a combination of wines and spirits or wines alone as long as you can limit one or two bottles to a table. Anyone with a low alcohol tolerance should get the option of delicious smoothies or juices instead. When you take care of the drinking situation, everyone enjoys it, and no one drinks more than needed. 

    Most importantly, make sure you have a word with the bartenders and have them on the same page. Better safe than sorry!

    5.  Have an Itinerary

    A thoughtful itinerary makes your party move smoothly. You get to serve food on time, give guests space to mingle, and even squeeze in a toast or two. So plan your schedule correctly, making sure every time slot gives ample time for guests to enjoy. 

    Your itinerary should highlight the important reasons for hosting the party – soothing losses and celebrating successes. If you've arranged for entertainment, you should slot that in. If you let the festivity run wild, chances are you may struggle to hit all the sessions you planned for the night. 

    Itineraries also ensure that your party gets wrapped up on time without missing a beat. It also saves you from the stress of a cluttered party.

    6.  Recognize Your Employees

    Before the event reaches a culmination, you want to ensure your employees know how much you appreciate them. While dinner and food have their place, gifts and bonuses make the party even more special.

    Corporate parties are a time to show gratitude, so don't hold back from spending on your employees. Not only will they appreciate the gesture, but it's also a great way to keep their morale high. You can choose presents based on what you think your employees will enjoy or give them gift cards instead. If you wish to show your acknowledgment more, mention your employees in your speech and speak from the heart. 

    A well-penned speech makes for a good culmination of the event.

    Final Thoughts

    Corporate parties are a great way to mix with your organization outside the office. But, planning these parties takes some effort on your part. A carefully drafted checklist is your answer to your party festivity. 

    Spend time getting the right caterers, picking a theme, and finalizing the invites. The highlight of your party is attending guests and making sure the event follows a timeline so that both food and entertainment get appropriately enjoyed. Don't forget to limit the alcohol and top up the night with your speech. So, wear your best outfit and shoes and get ready for the party of your life. 

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