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    Keeping Cool in the Summer: 10 Tips to Beat the Heat

    Most of us love the summer season for its bright, long days, and beach vibe vacation times, but if there’s one characteristic that truly defines the summer season, it’s the blistering heat of the midday sun. A complete contrast to the harsh cold of winter, summer is the time for sunlight, bug bites, and barbeques. 

    Keeping Cool in the Summer: 10 Tips to Beat the Heat

    Keep cool during the summer with our 10 best tips to beat the heat! Make the most out of your summer days, picnics, camping trips, whale watching Dana Point tours, and beach getaways by keeping your cool all season long. From pool parties to indoor cooling systems, here are the best ways you can keep cool despite the blazing heat of the sun outside: 

    Keeping Cool in the Summer: 10 Tips to Beat the Heat

    1.  Install an aircon in the common room

    Nowadays, most homes have an air conditioner or two installed in their home. You can often find air conditioners in bedrooms, as homeowners prefer a blissful sleep in a cozy, cool room. During the heat of the summer days, however, the common rooms like the living room and den are where the majority of the household spend their time.

    Your home may benefit from installing air conditioners in common areas where the household can gather and do their own work during the midday. Inverter air conditioners are great for summers as they effectively cool down rooms without using up too much energy, keeping your electricity bills to a moderate level.

    It also helps to have your air conditioners professionally cleaned before summer. Routine maintenance and cleaning prevent your AC unit from malfunctioning, so you can enjoy its cooling power all summer long without having to worry about its scheduled maintenance!

    2.  Make your own DIY ice packs

    Packing for a picnic? Those ice-cold drinks would have warmed up in your cooler before you got to that perfect picnic spot. Placing ice packs around your cooler certainly helps, but they can make everything drenched and wet by the time you set up your picnic. Branded ice packs are expensive too, and are too bulky to place inside your cooler. 

    Instead, make your own ice packs that will keep your drinks cool without drenching them. One of the easiest ways to DIY ice packs is to fill up water balloons the night before your trip, and freeze them so you’ll have some colorful ice packs to go that won’t take up too much space in your cooler! When the ice melts, you can have a fun-filled water balloon fight with your family!

    3.  Clean up your room

    Cleaning or doing any sort of physical activity may be the last thing on your summer bucket list, but a dirty dusty room isn’t going to help you feel the heat less. Instead, those dirt and dust particles can make you sick, give you allergies, or flare up your asthma. Give your room a clean up, and feel the air grow lighter! 

    4.  Easily clean up your dusty ceiling fan

    Skipped the ceiling fan dusting during spring cleaning, and now dust flies everywhere when you use your fan? Dust away those fan blades with a cleaning hack that will trap all that dust without getting the particles everywhere! All you’ll need is a damp pillow case. Wrap the pillow case around each fan blade, and wipe clean. Then wash the pillow case inside out to clear the dust.

    5.  Increase air circulation

    Now that your fan is spic and span, you can increase the air circulation around your room to lighten up the atmosphere in your home. Increasing air circulation allows the warm air to dissipate, leaving you with a cool breeze throughout the home. Air circulation also helps your pets and plants cool down, as they don't sweat to cool off as humans do.

    6.  Chill a drink in 15 minutes

    A fan favorite hack that has been going around the internet in many lifehack accounts is to wrap a wet paper towel around your drink bottle or can to blast chill it. We’ve tried the hack again and again, and it works like a charm! The moisture around the bottle will concentrate the freezing temperatures of your freezer, and effectively cool down your drink in just 15 minutes.

    7.  Freeze your bedsheets for a cool night’s sleep

    This may sound silly, but freezing your bed sheets and pillows can give you a jumpstart to a cool night’s sleep! After all, who wants to sleep during the heat of the summer nights only to wake up in a pool of your own sweat? By freezing your sheets, blankets, and pillows for 15-30 minutes before you go to bed, you can lie in a cozy, cool bed and sleep blissfully through the night!

    8.  Keep a fan on your devices

    More than just your body temperature, the temperature of your devices can overheat with the hot temperatures of the summer season. Most devices have built-in cooling systems that would be efficient in cooling down your device, but to avoid the dreaded whirring of the internal fans, face a small electric fan near the vents of your devices to keep them cool as you use them.

    This hack is especially useful for laptops, as laptop stands with built-in external fans often have to connect to the laptop to work, causing the laptop drive to work harder to provide power to the external fans. Instead, keep a separate fan to cool your devices while you work.

    9.  Have some outdoor fun

    Summer is the time for some outdoor fun! Keep a cool head by spending time with your kids outdoors. Take the time to have a water balloon fight, or shave some ice to have a snowball fight right in the middle of summer! Have a pool party, a barbeque, or go to the beach for a cooler setting amidst the heat of the summer - just remember to put on sunblock!

    10.  Keep bugs away from your barbecue

    Barbeques are great ways to invite the community over for some community-building activities. However, summer barbeques also mean flies, mosquitoes, and bugs galore. Keep them away from your barbeque party with just two ingredients: lemons and cloves. Stick cloves right into sliced lemon halves, and keep these around the party area to ward off bugs!

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